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Dolly Parton lyrics : "The Monkey's Tale"

Oh the monkey's had a better tale than you
Compare to yours all their tales sound so true
The way you're actin' seems to me at all the monkey should go free

You're the one that should be locked up in the Zoo

When I married you I thought you were a man

But you're the biggest ape that's living in this land
I'd like to run you up a tree for the way you lie to me
Your swingin' round is gettin' out of hand

Oh the monkey's had...

Every monkey has its day so go ahead and play

Make your plans and tell your lies and stick to them
But from now on I remind you can wag your tail behind you
Cause you finally got yourself out on a limb


Every monkey has its day...
Oh the monkey's had a better tale than you

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