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DOLLA : Ghetto Prayer lyrics

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DOLLA lyrics : "Ghetto Prayer"

[Verse 1:]
11-25-87 I wep my first cry
Momma gave birth fraternal twins but one of us died

A heart racing, body aching doctors lookin suprise
He's a miracle child he made it out alive
But since the womb I was doom but I was taught to survive

Daddy could'nt stay in the room he's losing his mind
Told the nurse to come and get him when everythings fine
He's outside on his knees and asking god for a sign

Let her make it though the labor cause I know she trying
I heard through the grape vine that in you I can find
I know it's work against time but I need you now

I could'nt stand to see my wife lose another born child
Meanwhile my momma 1... 2... 3
Sqeezing the nurses hand then out comes me

My momma's only son daddy's little man
Prayers was answered right there where he stand

Lord I know in these streets this life ain't fair
But I hope you understand please forgive me for what I gotta do

Can you hear my ghetto prayer

[Verse 2:]

Dear lord can you hear me please can you answer my prayers?
You know it's hard out here it's seems nobody cares
I'm the man of the house but I can use some help

I can't image all the pain my momma heart done felt
I was only 8 high when you took my pops
Now everybody start to say I look like him alot

My older sister Puuda yeah she be runing the streets
I'm a couple months younger she don't listen to me
My little sister Nikki she be depending on me

I'm in the streets everyday making sure that she eats
It's crazy cause at the same time I'm stressin' my mom
I gotta call her every now and then so she can stay calm

Don't wanna see her baby boy locked down or popped up
And Tori keep telling me to stick to this rap stuff
It's hard believe me especially when the rent due

My other half died and scrap that's why they sent you
(My ^!$$%...)

Lord I know in these streets this life ain't fair
But I hope you understand please forgive me for what I gotta do

Can you hear my ghetto prayer

[Verse 3:]

It's been times when I felt like giving up
Couldn't take the pressure stress start building up
You see the corner of my eye start filling up

And I can go anywhere but I'm feeling stuck
I guess the hood got me trapped and im caged in
It's getting harder everytime that the world spin

I can't win cause it seems I was born cinner [? ]
No matter what I'm always guilty I was born !#$%
They say the eyes never lie look me in my soul

I spit pain cause that's all I ever really know
I walk the hood see the blood stains in the streets
It's' kids dying I swear it's taking over me

I can't sleep over ghetto birds and gun shots
I'm staring at the ceiling thinking with my gun @@#!ed
I guess it is what it is so I'm dealing with it

It's hard to breathe in the ghetto but I'm still living


Lord I know! In the streets life just ain't fair
but I hope you understand
please forgive me for what im gotta to do

can you hear my Ghetto Prayer

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