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DOCTORKC lyrics : "We Planned A World Of Joy"

We planned a world of joy
You eloped with a guy

Fled in metro, breaking my retro
Leaving me do haaye haaye haaye
We spent days of pleasure every moment was a boon

Wispering the tune of joy looking the sky with moon
Now that is all over how the days vanish soon
Keeping the momories under felt my destiny met with doom

Me lying flat on the dome that's the way day passes away
Dreams retrieving the crypted tales night goes all that way
All ambitions deep under clouds my mind has nowhere to stay

One thought here one thought there mighty gale to the bay
Wherever you are my dream heart may you be happy all the time
God bless you your guy with the kids glittering shine

Forget me forget my kisses forget that taste of wine
Forget the shows twelve to three, three to six, six to nine

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa