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DO : TAMMIE lyrics

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DO lyrics : "TAMMIE"

When will you take me for a ride ?
Why would you treat me like a child ?
You have no idea who I am and whan you will

Would you run away
Oh I know you want [...]

First you turn down now you can't wait
That's no surprise you're all the same
You have no idea who I am and when you will

You should run home to your mama
But I know you won't

You say "you're my delight- but this aint right"
I say "if you're afraid to play
Why don't you leave go get some sleep

Why do you keep sticking to me ?"

Why don't you take me for a ride?

I'm gonne have to let you down
Well you're not my type anyway and if you were
Mummy would kick me out

Brother would lock me in baby
But I know they won't oh I know...

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