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DJ UNK : Thiknning Of You lyrics

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DJ UNK lyrics : "Thiknning Of You"

(feat. Jazze Pha)


since u been gon it been some rainy dayz and im gon to spend it on the heart while im blowing haze with my dasckca shades trying to hold tills to Uncle Walk man the whole amily missing u see can't no body held it down like you do I'm getting money little Dj Unk yo nephew and Grandma Bell how the heel ain't see me fly it was yo guidance that help you get yo baby by I take 1 day at a time and watch my every self(self) Uncle,brother,Couzin Jerry and the heart be kept nobody know when we gon take our last breath hug yo mooma hug yo father ^!$$% hug yo seelf we kept it real in the field whats up dolla bill I had dream we was smokin cous up on the hill with Ben you did big for a country kif long as I say you and my ride still live and I'm for real.

[Jazza Pha:]
Whoo I been thinking of you wishing you can come bac to me Whoo I been thimking of you wishing that u can come bac to me.

Wishing everthing was all good I tell my grateful memory for my folks celebrahood with other pen of Ben beening 6 feet underneath put yo lighters in the air if you feeling me and everthing will be alright if you hold on damn if you coulda jast held on I stay strong held my own on my 2 feet postively that what surrounds me and damn Biggy u don't rep Broojlyn lie ^!$$% I never seen you like never saw momma tigger seen she mighta days girl but she design 2 Aaliyah yea 1 in a miilion we missin you I been a fool put my purse away it ain't the same since they killed Jam Master J, Big Pawn, Big L yea Freaky Ty Camael Fudge, Shoulda Slim, my girl Left Eye I wonder y

[Jazza Pha:]
Sometimes I find it hard making it through the night missin my honie cuz we was so tight glad that I could say it was apart of my life everything wil be alriht

Alright, Alright,Alright,Alright,Alright, Alright,Alright,Alright,Alright,Alright,Alright, Alright
Everything will be alright Whoo I been missing u wishing that u can come bac to me Whoo I been thinking of u wishing that u can come bac to me

Come bac bac now (well,well,well)I been thinking of UUU UUU UUU UUUU

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