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DJ UNK : Flatline lyrics

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DJ UNK lyrics : "Flatline"

[Intro, Hook: repeat each line x4]
Let's $#&@ his $$# up!!!
We $#&@ed his $$# up!!!

Now call the ambulance!!!

.44 ducked off in my chevy let's $#&@ his $$# up
And if a hata buck let's $#&@ they $$# up

I'm black skied-masked up whateva is whateva'
I'm watchin' ^!$$%s posted mixin' fruits and goose togetha'
I keep that black beretta I call dat (*##$ my heater

And if you play me close just like a (*##$ man Imma ski cha'
Dem westin twins will meet cha' can greet cha' like a feature
And change up all ya features call da Red Cross to treat cha'

The club is off a meters the crunk they doin' they dance
Security betta check em' or we gone throw dem hands
Now A-Town stomp dat $$# watch me bow his $$# up

(Aye back up!!!!) call the ambulance and now you $#&@ed
Ready to pick yo $$# up and take you on the stretcher
We $#&@ed his $$# up I hope dat God Bless Ya

Yo team ain't hear to help ya do want it wit us
I told you that we gangstas let $#&@ his $$# up



(Flatine!!) his he gone? (Flatline!!!) Lil' Shawty dead
(Flatine!!) he bust a move (Flatline!!) we rocked his dreads
(Flatline!!!) 4 to ya dome(Flatline!!) I split cha' wig

Imma grown $$# man I don't play wit $#&@in' kids
These ^!$$%s swear they hard these hoes think they bad
But when it comes to beef they all act like drags

Sissies punks and [email protected]$)s yo life is slippin' fast
I hope you go to heaven Tupac gone kick yo $$#
I think you need to breathe I'm cold so ^!$$%s chill

Smoke you a blunt a kush go try to get a deal
^!$$%s bustin' forreal Big Oomp we tote the steel
DJ Unk off in the Lac ready to twist yo cap back forreal


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