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DJ UNK : Down On Ya Knees lyrics

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DJ UNK lyrics : "Down On Ya Knees"

(feat. Maceo)


Down On Ya Knees Like A Top Notch Hoe [x8]
(Ay Gurl Get Down)

She Say She Neva Dun It She Say She Neva Tried
Smoke 2 Blunts A Purp An She A God Damn Lie
Got Down On Ha Knees Popped A Pill An Showed A Rabbit

Den She, Bent Ha Knees Rocked Ha Hips An Did Da Poole Palce
Now Can U Do It Wit No Hands Just $$# An Hips
I Called My ^!$$% Maceo We Made A Quick Flip

Get Down On Yo Knees Lik A Top Notch Hoe
And Make Yo Booty Go Faster Den A Lambo
I Love Dem Pretty Tities An Yo $$# Kinda Thick

She Hit The Stage 2 Ways And Did A Side Kick(Damn)
We Some Hood ^!$$%z Throw It Back And Dont Stop It
Mix A Lil Trina Then Add A Lot A White Chocolate

We Keep Then Switchers Roll Grey Goose Il Make Ha Twurk
A Hundred Pounds Cush A Fifty Pack Of Purp
So If U Hot An Ready Say It I Aint Neva Scared

An From The Club To The Block For A Blockhead

[Chorus x8]

Get Down On Yo Knees Pop Dat #[email protected] Lik Im Pastor Troy
Im From Dat A But Really Baby Ima Georgia Boy(4real)

Dont Think These Country ^!$$%s Slow About Nethang
Im From Da Trap Man My ^!$$% Push Anything
We In The Strip Club Steady Lettin Dat Money Rang

We Gettin Money Over Here But I Aint Jeezy Mane
I Jus Wanna See U Shake It Like In Tip Drill
But Jus Move Dem Draws To The Side Show Me U 4real

On The Real Show Me That U Can Pop It Hard Enuff
So Put Yo Hangs On The Pole U Get Hand Cuffs
So Get Back Gurl An Dance How Dem Freaks Do

Jus Because U Dance Dat Dont Mean U Won Too
Maceo In The Jeep Pimp Respect Dat
Ima Mac Quick Flippin Hoes Like Contacts

So Get Down On Ya Knees Like A Top Notch
An Let Dat $$# Bounce To It Lika Hop Scotch

[Chorus x17]

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