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DJ UNK : Beat'n Down Yo Block lyrics

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DJ UNK lyrics : "Beat'n Down Yo Block"

[Verse 1:]
Im Poppin My Collar,
Im Grippin That Wood,

My Cush In My Hand,
My Trunk Beatin Good.
If It's Knockin They Jockin,

Feel That Base That's A Hobbie.
Beat Thru Yo Hood Them Kickers
Kick Off In Yo $$# Like Karate.

They Hear That Base Wanna Try Me,
Im At Greenbrief Mall.
I Pop My Trunk, And All Them Hoes Did The Westside Walk.

Im Wit Monte' In $$#ault,
System Soundin So Mean.
26's Make It Stretch,

Sittin High Like Yao Ming.
It Go Down 4 My Team,
Trunk Thumpin Sum' Crucial.

Bumpin P.S.C And T.I.P,
Hit The Club Crucial.
On My Waist It's Rugal.

Love My Base And My Amps,
Adjust Ya Tweakers Make It Sweeter,
Chain Bright As A Lamp (They Feel Me)

Im Beatin Down Ya Block,

And U Can Hear When Im Comin' [x4]
Can U Feel Me? (Crank It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.

Can U Feel Me? (Turn It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.
Can U Feel Me? (Crank It Up)

I Kno They Feel Me Now.
Can U Feel Me? (Turn It Up)
I Kno They Feel Me Now.

[Verse 2:]
Yeah They Bumpin The Camp,

Candy Paint Lookin Good.
And I Kno That They Can Feel Me
Half A Block 4rm The Hood.

4rm The Block Hear U Good,
Yo Trunk Dnt Sound So Clear.
I Bump Like D Lo Tell Me Lil ^!$$% Do U Hear What I Hear?

Speakers Front To The Rear,
Its Dj Unk In Yo Ear.
Free Wall Chain Let It Bang (4 What?)

Shawty We Here.
C How My Name Jus Appear.
I C These Playas And Scream.

Dj Jelly Dvd's Jump 4rm Scene To Scene.
415 Hittin Mean,
Tope It Scope It And Bean.

Turn It Up A Knotch,
Bouncin Off The Roof Im Clean.
Steaddy Stackin My Green,

Money High As A Star.
And The Best Part About It
Is The Base In My Car.


[Verse 3:]
(Then I Heard) 4rm The Amplifires,
Can't Bust Em Cuz My Speakers Built 4rm West Coast Customs.

Customized Sounds Trunk Shakin The Whole Block.
Tv Screens In The Dash,
Champ Playin The X- Box.

Yep Im Beatin Down Ya Block,
4 4 Duece Sittin Tall,
Bend My Hat Back Knockin Down Pictures Off Ya Wall

Atl Comin Hard,
Beatin Hard In The Drop Top.
Old School Chevy's Color Candy Call It Lollipop.

Cutlis Wit The T Top.
Buick Wit The Brains Eye.
Ss Impalas And Cadillas Stay Pimped Out.
Smoke Dro Then Pill Out.
Smash The Gas In On My Way.

Beatin Down Ya Block,
$#&@ ^!$$% Get Up Out My Way.


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