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DJ SAMMY : September 11th lyrics

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DJ SAMMY lyrics : "September 11th"

(with "Heaven" in the background)

It's been a year, daddy

I really, really miss you
Mummy says you're safe now
In a beautiful place called Heaven

We had your favorite dinner tonight
I ate it all up

Even though I don't like carrots

I learned how to swim this summer

I can even open my eyes
While I'm under water

Can't you see me?

I started kindergarten this year

I'm carrying around a picture of us
In my Blue's Clues lunchbox

You are the greatest daddy

I can swing on the swing by myself

Even though I miss you pushing me

Can't you see me?

I miss how you used to tickle me
Tickle my belly

My belly hurts

I try not to cry

Mummy says it's okay
I know you don't like it when I cry
You never wanted me to be sad

I try, daddy, but it hurts
Is it true you're not comming home?

Maybe some day
I can visit you in Heaven, okay?

It's time for me to go to bed now
I sleep with the light on
Just in case you come home

And kiss me goodnight
I love you so much
I miss you, daddy

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