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DJ QUIK : When You're A Gee lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "When You're A Gee"

(feat. Playa Hamm)

[DJ Quik]

When you a G, ^!$$%z wanna be like you
because a G has images what they look up to
but some don't make it, so they takin the funk

They get hot and they be poppin that gangsta junk
but that ain't G, that ain't even close, nah that ain't %#@!
It ain't about who can bang or slang the most 'caine

and ki's or O's, sport new clothes
or about who can $#&@ the most hoes
Cause it's a mind-state, it's playin it's manipulatin

It's winnin from the freakin and manuervin and then captivatin
Livin the life that make the (*##$es wanna fiend and dream
and all the jealous ^!$$%z mean and scheme

And weak minor suckaz they wanna show they $$#
but a ^!$$% like Quik'll check em real fast
They don't know the real and so they quick to $$#ume

that's why they shut up when I enter the room
cause I'm a G

"Playin tough..
but them ^!$$%z ain't really rough..
CREAMPUFFS is a better word than tough!"

[DJ Quik]
When you a G, attention is yours when you demonstrate power

and game the untrues imitate
They get frustrated, they sock girls and slam doors
but when you're a G you just check yours

Takin up the slack, all the way around
and then my back got yours, then we ain't goin down
Like Playa Hamm said, it's the thing that I pray for

and play for, that I slay for
Cause I'm the G when it comes to a funky track
I'm the G when it comes to the whole sack

I'm the G when it comes to decision makin
I'm the G that got all these ^!$$%z blinkin
I'm the G that's young and intimidatin

I'm the G never sprung got the (*##$es waitin
I'm the G suckaz fear because I'm strong
and I'm the G, never standin alone

Fadin em - left to right, front back to center
I'm a natural born winner
I got connects on a quest to be true

so I won't teach you what I know;
I'ma teach you what YOU KNOW - yo
My game is tight so if you're lookin and listenin and learnin

apply it to yours and you'll earn respect in abundance
And you can never be checked see
when you're a mother$#&@in G

"Y'all better get hip..
and come off this trip..

wit'cho ?? killin $$#es"

[Playa Hamm]

The G-ness, when you a G it's the description
The suckaz are fearin it, cause in the mack they keep on hearin it
They wish they could neglect it

but they can't so they disrespect it
and when they run up, yeah they get chin-checked
When you a G, backs to backs never duckin

Suckaz freakin yo' (*##$es though, dismissin the hoes
before a bigga ^!$$%, when you a G you're the teacher
Any other way that I coulda come just might not reach ya

The G-ness, such as my gangsta mentality
The G-ness, such is the greatness of my pals and me
Destiny's testin, trueness of character

Since I'm a G, $#&@ with my brothers that $#&@s with me
Come to the Penthouse if you want if you aren't true
and journey through the mind of a G since he ain't you

It ain't just the mack or the sack or the strong back
It ain't just the plain simple fact we got all that
It ain't just the dead weight, that we droppin daily

Crews I don't forget, cause my memory don't fail me
Those that know know I know that they do
Those who are wondering? (Mother$#&@ you)
I only owe to P.P.C. - a chosen few
I got Players all around me, doin what they want to

The rise of the wise got suckaz droppin like flies
when you a G ^!$$%, peepin the prize from these eyes

"Low down.. ^!$$%z" "What?"
"Low down.. ^!$$%z" "What?"

"Low down.. ^!$$%z" "What?"
"^!$$%z.." "What?"
"^!$$%z.." "Hell yeah!"

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