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DJ QUIK : Sucka Free lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "Sucka Free"

[performed by Playa Hamm]

[Quik] Hamm, what's up, ^!$$%!

[Hamm] What's up, my brother
Just loungin, you know
Bout to crack this 40 ounce

[Quik] Oh, look at you, lil' ol' alcoholic-ass ^!$$%
[Hamm] Well, you know I got to have it, my brother, ain't nothin changed
You wanna hit it?

[Quik] Yeah - what's up?
[Hamm] Hey man, you tell ME
What's up with the album, man?

[Quik] Hey man, we tryina finish that mutha$#&@a, man
And eh - I need one more song
[Hamm] No %#@!

[Quik] Yeah, I wanted to know if you wanted to bust on it?
[Hamm] Oh, without a doubt, you know I'd love to
[Quik] 'member that %#@! you was bustin for me over the phone

That sucka-free %#@!?
[Hamm] Yeah, I remember that %#@!
[Quik] Well, won't you put that %#@! right about...




(Now a sucka raises up off of you)

Did you miss me?

It took a little time to get sucka-free
But since a young g it's PPC
Ain't no shame in the name

And still true to the game
Still servin suckers, just the same
No sense, and dwellin in the past tense

I roll with Quik, so you better check your ladies, gents
Cause I'ma teach her how to break you, right before I break her
After I make her, then I shake her

Yeah, I know, you heard it all before
But I can't deal, cause I see you're still simpin for a hoe
Claimin pimp, but you're payin for the pu'

Silly sucker, punk mutha$#&@a
They only flock and jock
Cause you're fillin up they pocketbooks

And you're still judgin (*##$es by they looks
When it's really all about what she can do for you
I do for me and still see a True

Ah-ha, really? Do you hear me, bro?
Got your name all on your lips, but your chick trips
Oh no, never will I lower to your level

And I got 17 for ya, devil
Too True to ever let a sucker like you
Make me do somethin that I don't wanna do

I'm still real with it, you gots to deal with it
I serve that $$# like a clocker, I don't give a $#&@
But who you're doin, how you're doin

Or what you do it with
You better miss me with the dumb %#@!
So when you're speakin on the Playa Hamm or my ^!$$% Quik

Everybody knows you're suckin on a fat dick
It ain't nothin to nuttin in your $$#, so that you see clear
Boomin in your ear, so I know you hear

Bump this in your Coupe with your R&B wanna-be-me
Trick-ass, I'm sucka-free

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