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DJ QUIK : Skanless lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "Skanless"

(feat. 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C)

[Gangsta D of 2nd II None]

Pow, #[email protected] aint nuttin hole
And most (*##$es aint nothing but hoes
So what I'm gonna do right here

Is kick it to the man left rear (Run that %#@!)
And a one and a two and a three
And you got the ^!$$% AMG

And a four and a five and a six
On my left hand side is DJ Quik
We got 2nd II None in the house

We got my man Hi-C in the house
And all the ^!$$%s who disapprove
Ya tryin to bust a move

You can get a dick in ya mouth

[KK of 2nd II None]

Yo, you can't $#&@ wit a ^!$$%, I'm holdin my piece
I'm bailin down to Kren's with my Khakis creased
A lick on my neck and a (*##$ on my dick-so

I put a beeper card on the (*##$ front window
I'm that ^!$$% who can service well
Then bloody up the sheets at a raunchy motel

Yeah I'm a treat ya, cus I'm a feed ya
Take you to McDonalds then I leave ya

[Gangsta D]
Live, via satellite on Rolls ?? we got my boy DJ Quik in the house and he's
gonna take you on a mission and show you how the real jackers jack

[DJ Quik]
And now I'm takin off my belt so I can sag

I keep the 44 Mag in a duffle bag
And in the G-ride I'm rollin in the rain
And don't let me catch you slippin on the turning lane

I creep up to your quarter panel and I pause
We 'bout to fold up to your nose and make you %#@! your drawers
Now I don't want your money or your hoes

No, All I want is your mutha$#&@in Renzo's
Now, let's take a ride down to Kren's
I'm rollin with a mutha$#&@a with do do in his pants

And a ^!$$% like you can get me work
Because I know you got them birdies that don't chirp
Aww, too bad you didn't make it to your .9

So forget about your fento cus it's mine
And to you ^!$$%s that be trippin watch your trunk and don't be slippin
Cus the Quik will take your hoofty everytime, mutha$#&@a

[Gangsta D]
Once again it's the mutha$#&@in D

You wanna be my (*##$, well you gotta pay a fee
You wanna get quoted, get your $$# in the circle
We'll whoop your $$# ^!$$% till your eye turn purple (Ayo Crawf)

My name is the Crawf

The C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D
The poet Hi-C
I got your fat pregnant (*##$ in my waterbed

And I'm about to bust a nut on your little baby's head
The %#@! you be talking, I label it "caca"
Move your fat $$#, and pass the vodka

Pour half a cup, fill it up with socko
(*##$es tryin trip, you might get socked ho
"I love you though" that's what I'm screamin

Just to get some #[email protected] I'll be fiendin
Boyfriend always talking 'bout doggystyle
Wait a while, I can do it froggystyle

(Stop that darn cussing, my children are listening)

Eat a dick, ya (*##$

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