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DJ QUIK : Sexuality lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "Sexuality"

Ah, this song is for all them (*##$es out there
That think a ^!$$% really supposed to pay they way through life
You know, like that "Scrub" %#@!

It's also dedicated to that chicken head (*##$ that wrote the lyrics

As we proceed, to give you what you need

Gettin down to my beats, as we bring the heat


Make it bounce, bounce, drop it, pop it, on the side
Make it bounce, bounce, grab it, slap it, on the side

[DJ Quik]
This is dedicated to a bad hoe
From you don't recognize? I'ma let chu know

Always DJ Q-U-I-K
You in my room now, do what I say
Get your $$# up out of that chair

Peel them clothes off layer by layer
Article by Article, till I say no
Leavin you over exposed like the (whooo?)

There is sex in the champagne room
Me and my homies gonna run a damn train soon
Foursome goin down, Oh my gosh

Y'all get posh I'll just watch
Talk about the hoes, well I didn't wanna do it
But now I gotta put y'all back into it

Your nothin' meaningful(No)
What you screamin' fo?(hm?)
Really as if you didn't know


The Sexuality is(You know the trouble I get you in)
The reason you got the kids(They got a whole lotta jokers too)
There's somethin' else that you do

(You know, when you put that little twist on it)
That make the ^!$$%s wanna $#&@ you

[DJ Quik]
You say you need a side job, make an extra knot(Money)
Clubbin at the jet strip ^^&$#* ^!$$%s stop(Funny)

Pop~n~stop~n~drop it like it's hot
Get burned then you gotta go in and get a shot
Lookin' for a husband and lickin on your tity

$#&@in' each and every other ^!$$% in the city
How the hell you think your boyfriend gon take it
You hear a fast song, Get up and get naked

Selling you a nice drink while you eat it up
Negotiate with you for a minute then beat it up
Underground laws the rules still apply

Mackin' is an art reserved for the fly
She don't know why you tryin' to harm her(Dumb)
Lookin' for a dick in shinin' armor

Yellin, save me! save me! with a dick on your breath
(*##$ either get dropped or get left


The Sexuality is(You know the way you keep grinding on ^!$$%s)

The reason you got the kids(And you bound to have a couple of 'em)
There's somethin' else that you do(You know when you pop that thang)
That make the ^!$$%s wanna $#&@ you(And the girls do to)

[Hook x3]

[DJ Quik]
Oh with out a doubt she lives to###
I'ma be mad if she gives you some?

Dude you could have this trashy (*##$
Put a down payment on her make me rich
Thank you for helping me to change my mind

You're not my equal hoe, $#&@ yo' kind
Can't get mad if the bus don't come
I'ma just bail cus I trust no one

cause everything that come up out your mouth is a lie
You spend a lot of time with your stomach to the sky
Lookin for a nut wit a nut comin' out a nut
Gotta nutty broke ^!$$% sprung with her sorry butt
(*##$, you just been warn

Another Suga Free has just been born
And I bet you couldn't keep your #[email protected] ol' shut
With a pair of grippliers
(*##$ you tired


The Sexuality is(You know when you take yourself out there)
The reason you got the kids(And you bound to have a couple of 'em)
There's somethin' else that you do

(You know when you put it up for sale)
That make the ^!$$%s wanna $#&@ you
(Talk about buy one and get one free)
The Sexuality is(You aint nuttin but a [email protected]%& ride)
The reason you got the kids(And you look like you rent it often)

There's somethin' else that you do
(Oh your mama need her $$# whooped)
That make the ^!$$%s wanna $#&@ you
(Don't sing it though, she's just as bad, ol' tryflin' (*##$)

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