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DJ QUIK : I Got That Feelin' lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "I Got That Feelin'"

[DJ Quik]
Ayo, Teddy I think that ^!$$% AMG is scared of #[email protected], homie

Yo, you must be bull%#@!tin' right?

-Hell naw man, look, check this out. There was this fine $$# (*##$ standin
out in front of my house the other day on his jock, and that ^!$$% was
scared to come at her, man.

-Yo man, that don't even sound like AMG, man quit bull%#@!tin.
-Man, that ^!$$% be perpin' like he a pimp and %#@!, you know what I'm
sayin? But if she would've stepped to me, it would have been a little different.

-Man, how you figure it would've been different.
-^!$$% would've came at real you know what I'm sayin?
-Naw man, only ^!$$% that come real is me. But tell me (yeah right) how would you come?

-If the (*##$ would've stepped to me I would have came at her something like this...

[DJ Quik]

Yo, how would you like to spend sometime with DJ Quik, girl?
I know I'm better than good cus I rock your world
So come with me and you will see just what I'm all about

And I go straight to the moves so let me bust it out
I wanna grind and moan while I hold your hand
And girl we're both mature enough so we can dirty dance

Cus can't you see that I'm a player and I got to have it
Just like a rabbit, so c'mon baby let me grab it
I won't mislead you, just let me feed you

A nine-inch diggidy diggidy dickie all up in you
But you know-you know I do it right my name aint Sydnie
Get on your hands and knees and let me stab yo kidney

From the back
All over the intestinal track
Some call it ?butts'ha? but I call it the butt

And now you see that I'm a true, and girl you're so appealing
I wanna $#&@ you to the ceilin cus I got that feelin

Now that's how I come at her you know what I'm sayin?


Man, I see you got a little mack daddy you know?

-A little mack? ^!$$% I got game, these (*##$es be on it

-Yo man, but you ain't prove nothin to me yet
-Yeah right, I'll prove it to you in the second verse though, now peep this

Love me... ahu ahu
Love me...
Love me... ahu ahu

Love me...

[DJ Quik]

Yo, I'm DJ Quik a player and a hustler too
So many girlies on my jock that I don't know what to do
I buy my jimmies by the cases and not by the packs

Because I knock so many boots I have to keep 'em in stacks
Now the fellas they get jealous, the ladies they get hot
Because they now that I'm player givin you all that I got

And in the sheets I'm a super lover that's what I said
I maybe Quik on the tables but I'm forever in bed
Because I grind it, and get behind it

And when my tape stops I get up and rewind it
I like to $#&@ it, I never suck it
And if you're dumb I get you sprung just like a cluck

(*##$, hey, DJ Quik is in effect for the 9-0 season
Skeasin is the reason, cus I'm so damn pleasin
Quik is the name and if you think that I'm appealin

Then go for what you know, baby, because I got that feelin


Yo man I see what your sayin man

-Oh yeah, pimpin's just that simple

-I know man, you should pump that ^!$$% AMG
-I know man, that ^!$$% need some courage you know what I'm sayin? Cus we
handle it, and we outta here

Love me... ah ahu
Love me...
Love me... ahu ahu
Love me...

[Till fade]

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