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DJ QUIK : Fire And Brimstone lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "Fire And Brimstone"

I don't give a $#&@ about you, you, her, him
That (*##$, that ^!$$%, ya'll, them
#[email protected] clot laws dripping out ya'll trim

'Bout to fill ya cup up to the rim with brimstone
$#&@ yo Grammy
Stick the bell part up ya $$# call ya mammy

I don't need ya love mutha$#&@a god damn he
Critics wanna slam me
Put me in a jam till I come back with the jammy

Blaow, knock your whole car window out till ya eyes white out (*##$ lights out
Got you dead on arrival at your service on Saturday your whole family carry bibles
Got the whole building nervous, they turn around see me walk up in the service

I wrote your eulogy on toilet paper, right out in the rain,
^!$$%s got nerve, well I'm your novacane

This is fire and brimstone uh,
Kill you with fire and brimstone uh

I'm a Mercedes man, a late 80's man
I guess you could call me the perennial ladies man
Got some really rich friends and they all really like me cause I really pitch trims

Sometimes when I'm bored I kick it with dumb folk
They all really hate me like rottening egg yolks
I love to rub it in because I'm not a proper fit for your world of bull%#@!

You miserable mutt minds flawed by design
You'll never have the temperament to experiment with the benevolent
You're irrelevant, it should be your job to shovel %#@!

You need to cultivate and develop it
Get in the manure business and sell of it, good luck trick
I'm a precious stone, wrapped in parchment paper

Round brilliant cut shootin' ?
A dignitary, you're a lowly begger
Why don't you pull your plug you stupid ^!$$%

If you're steering wheel is not wrapped in wood then you don't have the touch
So you will never feel it 'cause you denigrate too much

Who are you to judge, who are you to critique, who are you to falsify my presence
I am unique so you can keep your $20 you ain't gotta buy my cd mutha$#&@a not a problem
That's why I'm a recluse, not the one you set loose

Mutha$#&@as in this game use my name to get juice
Say it, david blake, a maven, amazing
B-b-brighter than the forest when it's blazing

Asteroid, past the void, keep it pushing, that a boy
Gotta get it hotter than oven cooking, that's a joy
For these last four bars I take it easy

But you still a mutha$#&@a and your cheesy
Don't trust your memory
Write down what you feel about me

If yo head ain't rocking back and and forth then doubt me

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