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DJ QUIK : Deep lyrics

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DJ QUIK lyrics : "Deep"

(feat. AMG, KK, Tha D)

[DJ Quik]

Now in my lyrics I kick this %#@! that the critics debate to
but I still create the %#@! that the brothers relate to

cause it's simple, but I'm no simp, I'm lettin you have it
to the temple leavin a scar MUCH bigger than a, pimple
You want the rubber from a gangsta boot to your grill?

Come take a ride with me and witness the thrill
of an $$#-whuppin, issued by the brothers in the khaki pants
Some think I'm too light to fight, so then they'll win but I grin

when I sail to your mother$#&@in chin (MMM)
So suckers keep walkin until the po-po is talkin
in plain simple english; no wait in plain simple slang, no jivin

$#&@in with me is more lethal than drinkin and drivin
or try to figure the flow I deliver
Punk it makes you shiver when you think I'm takin two to your liver

The D-to-the-E-to-the-mother$#&@in-A with a vengeance
A side of Quik that you ain't never experiencin
I'm stutter steppin with crap on the low and I flow well

Intensifyin with every line, cause I show and tell
My backup is backin, never leavin me lackin
With Double or Nothin, KK, D, and AMG and we're stackin

up sales - for mother$#&@ers just like you
(For a punk mother$#&@er with a punk mother$#&@in crew!)
Yo I know you peeped that you just can't creep

It's too steep so take a leap because we roll too mother$#&@in deep

[Chorus: samples]

[Brother J (X-Clan)] "(How deep?) Deeper than Atlantis"
[Richard Pryor] "^!$$%z can deal with that %#@!"

So I'm rollin.. DEEP.. deep
[Brother J (X-Clan)] "Deeper than Atlantis"
"Man that's bad.." ".. naw that's good!"

[Tha D]
You see we rollin deep, cause a ^!$$% playin the backseat

We won't get beat, so run up and get sweeped
by a young mother$#&@in $$# nut
We whup your $$# and make your momma feel it

and watch you just fold up
It's Tha D in the back with the strap
Down for some %#@! with a (*##$ in my lap

Punk mother$#&@ers like to play the brave role
But I don't give a $#&@, you can still get T-rolled
It ain't like you never been checked befo'

You stupid ^!$$%, your (*##$, your hoe
The mother$#&@ers rollin the backstreets
Not givin a $#&@, because we roll too mother$#&@in deep

"(How deep?)"

Deeper than the crack in your momma's @@#!
Too deep for a ^!$$%, now I can't stop

Cause ^!$$%z'll roll deep, deep in the middle of the street
So deep we roll onto next week
Two's and fo's, that ^!$$% K throws heavy blows

Heavy enough to knock the snot out of ^!$$%z nose
Cause ^!$$%z ain't nothin but head and shoulders
?? ^!$$%, we should be rollin this

And I'ma roll, cause I'm doin my own thing
(Yeah, mother!#@* a posse, we roll with a gang, ^!$$%z)
For those who wanna sleep, time to creep

Straight up fools, cause ^!$$%z is rollin deep


$#&@ a one-time jack, I eenie meenie miney wet the hoes

Back in the alley I be rollin on the pimpin mode
Unfadeable, cause I'm D-double-E-P
AMG be catchin ^!$$%z slippin constantly

and hoes wanna hoe, with a [email protected][email protected] like so
and after I trick, yo see you later (*##$!
And ^!$$%z think they know what they talkin bout, whatchu sayin?
It was your (*##$, that I was $#&@in layin and playin
so, if she was fine don't be denyin that I did her

Trust your data ^!$$%, and let my dick get with her
because another mother$#&@in gangster's strollin yo
In the 9-0, [email protected][email protected], this is how I'm rollin


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