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DJ KHALED : standing on the mountain top lyrics

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DJ KHALED lyrics : "standing on the mountain top"

(Chorus) Standing on the mountain top, counting all this money, laughing at you haters, ain't nothing gonna save yeah.

Yeah, Welcome Back, Another small Buy, we go , Feel my pain They Cant deal witha ^!$$% like me. Cus i keep it so hood, yeah i keep it so Street. The industry hate but they gotta see me. Turn your tvs on Bet all u see is me. Nah i aint playing why you trying to blame me, Might as well hate the world instead of hating on me (And we taking over, One paper bag at a time) I need that clearence feed me more, come and think about it you need it more Uhh i am miami i do this for miami, 24 and 7 trays yeah ^!$$% we born and raised. See this, we showed them

I Introduce you to ace hood!

Get Em.

More money more problems

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