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DJ KHALED : No New Friends lyrics

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DJ KHALED lyrics : "No New Friends"

[Hook: Drake]
Stay down with my day one ^!$$%s, and we in the club screaming

No new friends, no new friends, no new friends
Still here with my day one ^!$$%s, so you hear me say
No new friends, no new friends, no new friends

I still ride with my day one ^!$$%s, I don't really need
No new friends, no new friends, no new friends
I stay down from day one I say $#&@ all y'all ^!$$%s

Except my ^!$$%s $#&@ y'all ^!$$%s
Except my ^!$$%s one more time
$#&@ y'all ^!$$%s Except my ^!$$%s

Stay down from one day

[Verse 1: Drake]

Man this %#@! so ill that we had to restart it
H-town my second home like I'm James Harden
Money counter go brrr when you selling out the garden

Four car garage, [email protected]$^star minaj
Birdman go brrr cause he know this %#@! [email protected]$!ed
$#&@ her on the floor before we make it to the bed

Switch your $$# really comes started from the bottom, yes lord
OVO sound man I'm proud of my ^!$$%s,
Knew we would make it never doubted my ^!$$%s

All my (*##$es love me
If I had a baby mama she would probably be richer then a lot of you ^!$$%s
That's luxury dawg, day one ^!$$%s you're stuck with me dawg

Ever since Youtube ^!$$%s been calling me the leader of the new school
$#&@ with me dawg, yeah


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

Your (*##$ all in my photographs, ho ^!$$%s got hate for me
Big homies all certified, nothing ^!$$%s gon' take from me
Follow codes, study game, feed fam ^!$$% $#&@ fame

All black my whip foreign, these bad hoes keep tiptoeing
Down in turks and caicos, dope boy that's my dress code
All I hug is blood ^!$$%, Khaled that's my flesh though

All I want is love ^!$$%, money bring that stress though
Smoke good I love life, strip club like every night
Every night my same ^!$$%s day one straight menace


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
I'm here with my ^!$$%s, I'm too hot to be friendly
They throw dirt on my name, well that's why they still dig me

And I'm tired of all this hating, I thank God for my patience
I thank God for my homies I wish we could trade places
(*##$ we good fellas, boy all them ^!$$%s with you they just

Paul bearers and if we ball catch us
Remember sip slow, live fast Young Money stay young
I been Cash Money since day one



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