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DJ KHALED : Never Be Nothing Like Me lyrics

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DJ KHALED lyrics : "Never Be Nothing Like Me"

[Intro - Lil Scrappy]

G's up, this yo boy Lil' Scrappy
DJ Khaled, (Let Em' Kno) So get your G's up

[Chorus - Lil Scrappy]
You can be as $#&@in real as you want

And hard as you will
But you will never be nothin like me
You can rock with the 12's in the trunk

Get so drunk
But you will never be nothin like me
You can go and $#&@ with a hoe

A pocket full of dough
But you will never be nothin like me
Yea yea you wanna act hard

I can tell in your eyes you will never be nothin like me

[Verse 1 - Lil Scrappy]

Born, Devil riches son the second
My daddy blessed me with a wonderful weapon
Hoes see me and they keep on stepin

So my momma took me to school taught me pimpin lessons
Oh, I kno you ain't tryin ta call your people
Cause I got people that'll sue your ego

Sum of em in the club with a desert eagle
U ain't gone win a fight unless you got it like we do
Equal, naw ^!$$% we ain't equal

U said you pop cris they wouldn't believe u
Look at the time it's way past your curfew
I'm a back up cause I don't wanna hurt u

Aw man these ^!$$%s throwin bottles on the stage
I'm a still go out and rep the A
If you take it outside I'm a get the cake

Aye shorty I said get up out my face
But anyways
Ya'll ^!$$%s don't kno me, don't kno my name

Jus kno me by my fortune and fame
They want me to b humble shorty but I can't
Don't get all mushy eyed shorty let me explain

There's alot of motha$#&@as out there that hate
I might catch a case cause I gotta gun on my waist
People out seein what kinda moves ya make

Scrapper get the hell away from a ^!$$% that's fake, aye


[Verse 2 - Lil Scrappy]
You say you hot but you ain't dat

Your %#@! weed, and my %#@! crack (damn)
If I rob you, I ain't givin that back
If I steal your girl shorty jus call me the mack, (scrap)

The Scrap
Show her P-I-M-P
If they hatin shorty then you need betta delivery

I'm from the A-Town, Southeast, Zone 3
If ya touch me then you get your $$# beat
Some of ya'll lames ain't got enough on your track sheet

To clap me you gone need a crowd to see me
Look in the mirror I kno you wanna b me
Mad cause your girl on my dick like bologne

Look dude, I don't want you nowhere near me
I'm a real G ^!$$% and that's clearly
If ya come around I'm a knock ya silly

If ya can't hear me then ya got to feel me (Yea)


[Verse 3 - Homeboy]
(What my name is?)

H-O-M-E boy
Through a microscope, you ^!$$%s can't see me-e boy
If you jump inside my body couldn't be me-e boy

Bullets bust on sight so freely-e boy
I'm a monster, evil, Chucky me Freddy Krueger
(*##$ ^!$$% I will do ya, with 9 millimeter rueber
I'm hell on earth now that's what they told me
Hotter than the flames in hell, so hell couldn't hold me

No man control me
Follow no one, I'm a leader
I'm Homeboy, (*##$ I'm off the motha$#&@in meter
Right now or tomorrow I'm a see ya when I see ya
@@#! back and make me pop the lid off the pringles

C'mon, once I step outside of my zone
Bullets fly jus like that star wars attack of the clones
Listen up got some %#@! that'll part your hair round here
We from Georgia, it's the spot
We some bears down here


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