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DJ KHALED : Go Hard (Remix) lyrics

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DJ KHALED lyrics : "Go Hard (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
I'm a bad M-a-r-c-y P-r-o-j-e-c-t
Ain't no other mother$#&@er in the rap game harder than me

I go hard and get it in like a [email protected]$^ star
Follow my moves you wanna make it to the top I'm on star
For new born stars

Even when the camera stop
I'mma hundred million dollar movie handle my @@#!
Big homie from the back block

When you first learn how to slap box
Then you even learn how to dribble the pill
Or to hand the pot bring it back rock

Number one rule if your $$# get popped
Don't chatterbox to the Matlocks
Death before dishonor I'mma honor the code they created

Number 2 Rule and it might sound rude but yep... $#&@ you pay me
I drown my pain in porsches
I lost my partner to the bull%#@!

Still tryna hold on to my religion so
I put a couple diamonds in the crosses
Close your eyes see the darkness

That's what it's like where I'm from
No lawyers no doctors
So either I go the hardest

Or I could just call this a night
On dark nights its like I see better
On Dark Knights I'm like Heath Ledger

Even if I overdose on drugs
Mother$#&@ers can't kill my buzz
Wait I ain't done

I'mma freestyle this Khaled let it run
What's the hardest county in the Yayo
Cause ima go harder then they go

I'mma go harder than Baltimore
Philly gone say they can't touch the boy
Where you at Duval?

I'mma go harder than you all
Harder than New York
Turn the Pro Tools in the booth off

I'mma go harder than Ye go
And Ye go hard
That's baby bro

Put some more beat on that joint


If you could you would get rid of me
What you gonna do when a ^!$$% got to go hard
But I won't let you get to me

You should already figure I'mma go hard
If you were as real as me
You would never let another ^!$$% step in yo yard

Makin money ain't %#@! to me
This in my veins and it gets to my heart
So I am I will I gots to go

You got another way to live you gots to go on
I am gettin it in until the end I got to go go go go hard

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I ain't ever been scurred
Never been a type to bite my words

When I came up ya'll gave me %#@!
Now I'm gunna make ya'll eat them terds
Always said what the $#&@ I felt

Gon head spit that murder I wrote
Man I dont care what what you felt $#&@ you ^!$$% I know I'm dope
Dope like I'm comin to get my all

Felt like I had to play the fly on the wall
Felt like ^!$$%s was stuntin on me
Funny how I'm flyer then them all

Now I'm at the top ain't know where to go now
Instead of me she gon go down
Maybe I would of slowed down if I knew what I know now

I'm stupid yeah I know I'm dumb
It could get $#&@in old but its good I'm young
But my heart get cold as the hood I'm from

Tell me what it take to be numba one
I guess its gon be what its gon be
But heres one thing ya'll got to hear
I'mma tell you like George Bush told me
$#&@ ya'll ^!$$%s I'm out of here


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