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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Who's Next (X-Clue-Sive)"

(feat. DMX)

[DMX (DJ Clue) {DMX's background vocal's}]

When its on {Uhh}
Its on {Huh-uh}

You mother$#&@ers done lost your mind!
Its another one of those
Ahh man (New DMX!)

Another one of them, Clue slash X joints {What!} (Who's Next!)
Another one of them off the mother$#&@ing hook joints
{Ahh you mother$#&@ers done lost your mind}

Bulldog, call a bulldog! (Whaaaat!)

When I creep through

^!$$%s is see through
Just like negligee {Uhh}
Ain't no talkin cause there ain't much that the dead can say

Long as I'm walking I be strappin my dogs {Uhh} (Whoooo-hooo!)
Rackin the hogs
Desert Eagle packin the morgues {What?}

Metal slabs with yellow tags on toes it's
What happens to those that {Uhh}
Chose to be foes and {Huh-uh}

Bet his man knows
But yo, we only get stronger {Uhh}
And the amount of time we're facing is only gettin longer

Get the mayor on the horn! (Clue!)
{What!} It's time for %#@! to go down {Uhh!}
Strapped for the show down {Uhh!}

Wet up yo crib, kick the door down
Know you schemin' so I gots to get you first
Put you right up in a brand new hearse

Could be worse {Whoo!}
Shoulda seen what I gave this ^!$$%
Two vests couldn't save this ^!$$% {Uhh}

The way I laid this ^!$$%
Played this ^!$$%
But thats what I'm good at {Huh-uh}

Layin ^!$$%s out in fightin' pits and $#&@in' hoodrats(Ha ha!)
Where's my $#&@in' hood at? {Whoo!}
Cripple ^!$$%s like switches {Uhh!}

Rip on ^!$$%s like (*##$es {Uhh!}
Then pour ^!$$%s in ditches {Uhh!}
They ain't found half the bodies that a ^!$$% caught

Or should I say a ^!$$% bought
Cause ain't nothing like getting' paid for, a ^!$$% sport {Aight}
Triple what a ^!$$% thought

But thats just how %#@! be
I know that one day they gon' try that %#@! wit me
But just as long as I'm on top of %#@!

You ain't stoppin %#@!
And ain't a mother$#&@er droppin' %#@!

[Chorus: DMX {DMX background vocal's}]

If it ain't ruff it ain't me {Uhh, c'mon}

If it ain't ruff it ain't D {Uhh}
M to the X
Most y'all ^!$$%s is strait sex {What?} (*shots fired*)



[DMX (DJ Clue) {DMX's background vocal's}]
Plenty of ^!$$%s know dirty is how I do 'em

Put buck shots, from a thirty right through 'em
Cause ain't none of y'all muh'$#&@ers built for war
And I lay down the law (Clueminati!)

When I spray down the door
$#&@ around on my name will be 95-B-64-11
{What} On a three-and-a-half to seven {C'mon}

When even up north I put ^!$$%s to waste
So you wanna stop the violence?
Get the $#&@ out my face!

Parole before peeps hit the board off
(*##$es is $#&@in but I sleep with the sawed off
I got %#@! to do, rules to break, crews to break
Before the news to break, I got dudes to take
I don't joke cause Jokers is cards

And cards are what I pull
Infra red with the clip full
No leash on the pitbull (Ha ha!)
That %#@! is hot like the wax off a candle stick {C'mon}
But how I handle %#@!

Is to dismantle %#@! {C'mon}
Like Popeye when it's Spinach time (Clue!)
Runnin' through two ^!$$%z like the tape at the finish line
What's your crew, gonna do when I put the pressure on

And it hurts, wannabe gangstaz in skirts {Aight}
And the (*##$es comin' all out them ^!$$%z
One false move and their moms'll read about them ^!$$%s
And they wives'll be without them ^!$$%s
Matter of fact, I'm tired of talkin money

Throw your joints up, scrap, (*##$ (Ha ha!)

[Chorus x2]

[DMX (DJ Clue)]
(DJ Clue!)

^!$$%s won't creep in the streets with me
(Desert Storm!)
Cause you know what $#&@in with these streets would be
The Professional Part 2!
Muh'$#&@er! (Ha ha!)
Uhh, huh-uh (Fat shout - my ^!$$% Ray! DMX! My ^!$$% D-Wha!)
Pa-pa-pa-pa ^!$$%!

(Yo Ruff Ryders! Word up!)

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