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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Whatever You Want"

Fears, real fears

The universal Flipmode Squad
Known to every existing life form as the Imperial 6
Has formed an alliance with the official Cluemannatti

Whatever you want, we do whatever you want

[in the background as Busta speaks]

Whatever you you want [x4]
Do whatever you want, whatever you want [x5]

[Baby Sham:]
Yo it's time to make these moves
Me and my Flipmode crew

Baby Sham spit the hot %#@! just for you
Make you get off your seat so you can cop the Clue
Q.B.C. and killer kids never obey these rules

That's why we roll deep and always carry the two
Smack a ^!$$% face, $#&@ up his mood EXCUSE YOU
When we perform, (*##$es stand still like statues

Borrow this game, so y'all can proceed to move

[Rah Digga:]

Uh-uh the ruggedest thing as far as chics go
Watch ^!$$% grow away faster than a pit bull
I tell them all they ain't got nothing for 'em

Platinum and album with no singing in the chorus
You get ate like you was peanut butter and swarma
Go tell yo' people I got a %#@!ty karma BRICK CITY

Home of the crush MC's and my %#@! be the joint like I was Black Eyed

Hook (Busta Rhymes and Lord Have Mercy)
Wiggle how you want, shake it how you want
When you get a lot of money, spend it how you want

We always got the new, always coming through
Buck wild, do whatever that y'all wanna do

Wiggle how you want, shake it how you want
When you get a lot of money, spend it how you want
We always got the new, always coming through

With my ^!$$% Clue, rapping with my Flipmode crew


Ramp, I'm still jig
I'm in the party taking a swig
I'm rich, yo I gotta think big

Holding the bar, me and Busta Bus, Lord Have and Spliff Star
Driving foreign cars, open club speed
Sham and Rah Digga had the weed, pass the duche

That all a ^!$$% need
Twenty to one, y'all know the whole gamble
All my life I had to scramble WHAT

[Spliff Star:]
I be that thug back in the club

Puffin' on bud, chics eyein' me
^!$$%z through the street show me love
Gettin' paper now, Bill Gates is my neighbor now

Chics all flavors now, cause a ^!$$% kinda famous now
This here, my year turn millionaire
If it's well, cop a beach house, kick a seashell

If I got it, Imma flaunt it
That Brooklyn %#@!, I'm on it
Spliff Star, America's nightmare most wanted

[Hook: DJ Clue shout outs]

[Busta Rhymes:]
You want beef, my name Beef Steak Charles
With deeper frequency than Lou Rawls

Drop like Niagara Falls
Soft like Quaker Oats whippin' in speed boats
Make y'all ^!$$%z BA-AH-AH like a bunch of billygoats

BA-AH-AH back to you, while you take notes
Rippin' %#@! down from the arena to parade floats YO
Yo, Flipmode Squad lock yo' house up
Quick to talk %#@!, ^!$$% we lock yo mouths up

[Lord Have Mercy:]
Landlord confusing you chumps
Doing it up off rhymes
Scarring, shooting up the club
Like pharmaceutical drugs

You stupid as $#&@, doing 'em up
Losing your blood
It's a cold world, with beautiful !@#%s screwing for ones
King of the jungle(jungle), swing on a humble(humble)
Stay grippin' on bundles, scattered in pieces

Chatted with Jesus
^!$$%z salute the dead and gone, the dead and gone
Flipmode and Desert Storm, Desert Storm

[Hook x2]

[DJ Clue:]

[Busta Rhymes: talking]
It only gets better mother$#&@ers

Flipmode the Imperial, Cluemanati
Do whatever the $#&@ y'all wanna do

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