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DJ CLUE lyrics : "That's The Way We Like It"

I thought Duro was an old man before I met her
Check this out right, this is me M-A dollar sign E (C'mon, C'mon)

Thorough,too throrough, Harlem World be the burough
Cool 'da Love up above (that's right)
can't forget my family (who 'dat be) Cardan & KFC

Blinky Blink & D-R-E
(Uh-Huh) (Uh-Huh)
Cluemanati, We Like It (Uh-Huh)

Mase too smooth, call me debonair
hits every year, so shake your derriere (C'mon)

cops pull me over, what they don't feel it fair
what a brother, too black, me living here
we don't stare, I don't care, I'm know I'm there

twenty years old and about to be a millionaire
What you think, cause Mase be young, Mase be dumb
and if you get Mase strung, that'll be no pre-num

Ever since Big died, my whole life changed
I done blew, I'm your boo, it seem quite strange
I get nice things, way out your price range

Half these girls, don't even know my right name
I'm fly rolie, mink made of coyote
Love a ghetto hoe, I know she die fo' me

You got me confused, see Cam the freak
Mase never the the ^!$$% to bring sand to the beach
I some that an average hoe's hand couldn't reach

living in expenses, 20 grand a week
You know me, I be O-T,low-key
Icy roli, smoke a O-z

I'm a baby face ^!$$%, without no goatee
and I'm 2.8 and about to blow 3

[Mase] Fabulous Sport
[Chorus:] Now that's the way (Uh-Huh, uh-huh), We like It (Uh-Huh,uh-huh),
That's the way (uh-huh,uh-huh) We like it [x3]

Now you can tell I blew, push the 740 L-I through

Eyes low, from the L-I-Q
if you was hot, you'd be going through the cell I do
give alias to any female, I screw

One running with Fabolous,who knew as well as I do
Every fed in the country wanna nail my crew
Before I hit the tens, I'm getting bailed by crew

be back downtown,bagging chicks at L-I-U
cause money ain't a thing no more, I use to sling the raw
Now I'm off in spring to tour, in Singapore

might catch me getting head from a bilingual hoar
who never seen so many diamonds in her ring before
I'm a boasting fly bro, soon to lay on a coast of Cairo

Roast the hydro, type of cat you would say, is supposed to lie low
and V two shades with the toast and the Tahoe
We the ^!$$%s that be getting it, and throwing minks on

Cubans to the belly,and still throwing links on
Ya'll cats know me, I be throwing clinks on
and be loving the (*##$es, we be throwing drinks on

[Chorus x3]

Did you know that I, simply got these cats where I want 'em and...
(uh) See the 6 then I want 'em in

It ain't a secret, bet that I slide 'em with something I could freak with
And do that freak %#@!
And I'm stepping in hotter, like Don Dada

snatch my Prada, ya hoes done done nada
make you never wanna flash your %#@!
like when you see my crew you wanna stash your %#@!

If do find me,then I will crash your %#@!
If you think you was a'ight, I will blast your %#@!
Ya know me, chick that ride the dick slowly

use to be O-T, now I'm 2.3 (Uh)
Same (*##$ that ya'll loving to hate
be that same chick, that you praying will fake

and I solemnly swear, we'll rep to the death
ya heard?(uh,uh,uh)$#&@ you think this is?
If you broke, then I be off, do mine, ski off
and, ain't no love, just trying to get my thing off
Unless there's some princesses on the wrist

or some chrome on the 6, he ain't seeing my %#@!
Oh yeah, it's not a game, I do my thing
Scan to a change, cop a platinum range

[Chorus x3]

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