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DJ CLUE lyrics : "So Hot"

(feat. Foxy Brown)

[Foxy Brown (DJ Clue)]

(And I!) Oooh, Nana (New %#@!! Foxy Brown!)
FO wit the X (So Hot!)
Whoa, Brooklyn

Alright (Oh!) okay, alright, c'mon
Mmm (Fresh out!)
I said it's gon' butter

(My ^!$$% pretty boy!)
(*##$ is lethal (Anton!) uhh

Whoa, ohh %#@!, Na Na come through (Clue! [echoes])
Burn big spliff, y'all hoes pop %#@!
I keep my gun @@#!ed (Ha ha!)

And my (*##$ spit
Yes, who the ras wan' test me
Original, don gargon that (*##$

I'm the reason (*##$es ride dick (dun know)
I'm the reason why they like @@#! stiff
Fox is the only reason

Why them (*##$ wan' run gwan' buy fake tits like
Who the $#&@ is y'all aimin for?
If it's Fox, $#&@ you ain't name me for?

Like I told you before, I'm BK's illest
Dangerous (*##$, BK's realest
Heat play wit ^!$$%z

Clap gun, I rap don gargon
Rapper slash model
The whole round robin, so don't y'all get suspicious

I'm big gun @@#! Foxy, y'all Likkle Vicious
^!$$%z feel this

[1] [Foxy Brown] (sung)
(Y'all can't $#&@ with Fox)
So Hot make ^!$$%z say

(Y'all can't $#&@)
So Hot make (*##$es say
(Y'all can't $#&@ with Fox)

So Hot make ^!$$%z say
(Y'all can't $#&@)
So Hot, So Hot

(Y'all can't $#&@ with Fox)
So Hot make ^!$$%z say
(Y'all can't $#&@)

So Hot make (*##$es say
(Y'all can't $#&@ with Fox)
So Hot make ^!$$%z say

(Y'all can't $#&@)
So Hot, Fox, So Hot
(Y'all can't $#&@ with Fox)


[Foxy Brown (DJ Clue)]

Who da ras (?) chat but sound like who?
And outta all ^!$$%z I'ma please not do
^!$$%z talk slick then plead to the crew

Got some grimy lil ^!$$%z that'll eat y'all food (Haha!)
^!$$%, don't talk to me 'bout Fox spit rude
I'm the same bad gwal, same @@#!y attitude (Word!)

Ain't nothin changed
Stunt gal, sick bod'
Mash up on mah blood clot Range like

And naan (*##$ $#&@in wit Fox like
Whoa; original big gun @@#! (*##$
And naan (*##$ wanna see Fox

Naan (*##$, wanna see me likkle gun pop
Like, and if any (*##$ step on my crocks
Thats a automatic hot one through ya Datsun, seen?

Make them ^!$$%z drop they toungues and
Before they done make 'em drop they ones
Tell 'em any ^!$$% comin can't come for free

It's a, price you pay if you $#&@in wit me
As long as ya "Chyna Doll" is indefinitely
We H-O-T-T-I-E's, yes

Not many can do it like, do it like..

[Repeat 1]

[DJ Clue over 1]

DJ Clue! Desert Storm!
The Professional Part Two!
Word up! C'mon!

[Foxy Brown (DJ Clue)]

I hate ^!$$%z that love to pull rank
Can't $#&@ and when they nut ^!$$%z shoot blanks (Haha!)
Whoo! I'm sorta like Jessica Rabbit
$#&@ who? (*##$ don't move without carats, ^!$$%

And that's my motto - $#&@ me today, buy a house tomorrow
And I don't feel sorrow, mmm
Especially when I wind up my waistline, uhh
Make them ^!$$%z L.O.I. to the bass line
Make them ^!$$%z pepper seed when they taste mine

[Repeat 1]

[DJ Clue over 1]
DJ Clue! William M. Holla!
You know how we do things!

Word up!

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