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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Magic & Bird"

Haven't you heard
platinum makes the amateurs swerve

Nature, Noreaga like Magic & Bird
call a timeout, make a quick sub
pull ya rhyme out, and rip it up

^!$$% rip it up!


I shook hands wit many killas
some did it for fun
it's like a rush the way it comes

to make the innocent run
^!$$%s brag abotu it
and recapture the pain

just to see a young brother getting snatched from his frame
its many ways to do it
anger plays a major role

when its done its done
don't try to save ya soul
you'll be amazed how quick police learn the businss

nowhere to run young blood
you done burned ya bridges
a nervous wreck

makin ya calls collect
confessing ta hoes
a man of respect

now a vegetable
scorned by the world
for being cold-hearted

he killed one of his own
it's $#&@ed up but he sold product
no can do, he got cancelled

I watched'em as he tried to pull out
but he never got a chance to
just a little man, his bite less than his bark

yo he thought he had a name ti; ^!$$%s tested his heart
lossed stripes in the street
at nights and sleep at the same time

I used ta send'em ta stores and make'em rhyme
had a seed on the way
smoke weed all day

thunwas speedage
didn't think the heat would freeze'em
I tried to tell'em

correct'em like convicted felons
by the time he realized
it's to late, a slug split his melon

seen'em spralled out from the fourth floor
in the blink of an eye
it was over the killa walked off!


A yo we thugged out, wit ILLWILL on some city %#@!
keeping it real, while ya ^!$$%s on that pretty %#@!

what the dealy wit?
know I only smoke a philly wit
lamma lamma

and got a (*##$ in Atlanta
and every time I $#&@ her, yo it's on camera
and I'm the freak type, get head and lay meat right

y'all ^!$$%s burned bridges
I coulda had y'all tight
a yo I spit this, tellin' y'all to live wit this

I coulda had you in the bank
now you lost ya rank
you should blame only ya'self

ya self today
you know me
hate to have to do it homey

we used to be cool
now it's like you don't know me
all that jealously %#@!

stupidity %#@!
had me thinkin' on some foul %#@!
diggin' in ritz
now I'm 98 what
my ^!$$%s still have fun

if i ain't $#&@in' wit Nate, I'm $#&@ing wit Jung
number 1 rule of the game
don't trust no one
likle them weak ^!$$%s
yo you know if they trick

in ya face, tellin' stories
when they lie on they dick
while I get cake
live like a cookin Beat tape
like that old school %#@! that he used to make

yo from Kansas ta San Francis
^!$$%s catch me at the club
but i never dances
play the bar close
^!$$%s watchin' me, I'm like a mantis

I won't take chances
peep the hair on my chest
that's what happen
when you drinkin' rade, henney and stress
drink my life away. right away
shoot up ya Guess

yo it's me and Nate
we like two of the best!


I got the whole anchalota

the glamour and glitz
my name upon the walk of fame
right behing Frank Sinatra
it ain't na da
but one for the win column
y'all need to stop frontin'
actin' like y'all big dollar

fraudulent $#&@s I stay calling ya bluff
causing friction
calling ya chickens, for a quick buff
rippin'em up to some Lou Rawls %#@!
it ain't a game, you was hot
but you lossed it
change ya methods

renevate quick to save the extras
ya mic's hooked up
but y'all brains ain't connected
it ain't my fault ya ^!$$%s came defective
I'm the specialist at rap
opposite of pessemis
shots more accurate than Petrovic

when my %#@! drop
y'all ^!$$%s better check for it
ya gotta love it, the way I'm comin' at you
in the purest form
the wars on, you thought we would flop
well than ya thought wrong!


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