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DJ CLUE : I Like Control lyrics

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DJ CLUE lyrics : "I Like Control"

[DJ Clue]
New Missy
Featuring Mocha


What hot, we droppin'
What not, we stoppin'

Ya'll rock toppin', we bottle poppin'
Ya'll block watchin', we watch coppin'
Ya'll car hoppin', cause now we got it locked and

We dedicate for ya'll feather weight
You better skate cause we never late
Gon' replicate then bet I set it straight

But you can't bet what you never make
I'm the same cat from the same tracks
That hadda bring crack when you played that

When I spit move way back, you get sprayed at
I write my own %#@! (*##$, can you say that?

[1] [Missy]
Alot of ya'll MC's talk mo' %#@!
Talkin' bout hits and all the whips you dip

I know most of ya'll rappers live dead broke
I go to your accountant and he say, "No dough"
Rappin''bout the weed and you can't even roll

If I blow you a gun ^!$$%, can you smoke?
Why you gotta front when you whack as %#@!
Me and Mocha, we ain't braggin' (*##$

I ain't gotta rap about the dough I hold
And I ain't 'bout to talk about the cars I drove
And I ain't gotta front about the shows I blow

Turn on your radio, see me control


It's best that thee put on the bets wit' me
And testin' me? I hit your chest wit' three
Let's make it clear that we gon' take it there

The way it appears, there ain't a club shakin' rears
Mocha here, call me the richest chick
With the thickest chips, and the quickest whip

Get a grip, why can't you try wit' me
Dumb variety, I get it done lively

[2] [Nicole]
My rhymes, they like
They really, really like

They for it, adore it
So come let them enjoy

My rhymes, they like
They really, really like
They for it, adore it

So come let them enjoy it


Wooo, I get it hot like heat
You the MC that 'posed to scare me?
Ahhh, scream 'till my voice get hoarse

Spit on the mic, make all ya'll moist
Hey, you don't wanna $#&@ with me
And if you do, then you've been practicing

And no one even told you who I was
Well I'mma set it off, show you who I am
God damn, I got skills like a thief

And while you sleep I snatch out all ya teeth
Hey, you don't really want that beef
I repeat, you don't really want that beef

I said hey, you don't really want that beef
Now you know not to mess with me, hah hah
Uh uh uh uh uh, uh uh (mmm mmmm)

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2 to fade]

[DJ Clue adlibs]
My ^!$$% Timbaland

The whole VA Crew
Word up
DJ Clue
The Professional

^!$$%s don't want it
Word up, word up

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