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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Gangsta Shit"

(feat. Jay-Z & Ja Rule)

Uhh And you don't stop

Rockafella y'all

Who got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!?
We got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!

Understand why y'all ^!$$% is mad at me
Sitting around like damn, that could be me

All the cars and (*##$es livin' lavishly
But there's only one problem you ain't as bad as me
Who could flip a record company from half a key?

And drop a gold album do the math with me
Turn and go platinum, that would be
$#&@ it I lost count

Why don't you tell me the amount?
Since you gossip like groupies notice please
I never go broke my name got 2 G's

J-I-2-G-A I flip that on the platinum and be on the next day
I be right there when your mics blow out
I was there when your lights when on and when you lights go out

I right there with the same ice to light up your house
Just bright enough to see the gun 'fo I wipe you out
I'm the stuff ^!$$%s write about

Jigga's A legend
J-Hova end of the session
$#&@ with me now

Who got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!?
We got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!


We live from the 7-1-8

Got my chick in D & V At this very second runnin' your plate
2 knocks on your door, One gun in your face
2 Blocks of C-4, I put one in your safe

Place the safe in the bath tub I got one plire
You better hope this money don't catch fire
You so soft no mask no rope one clip and I

Let this ^!$$% run around untie
I swear to god, you know the type that talk wild
but ^!$$%'s white cloud, soft as a baby's bottom

You know Jay Z's spot him
I haven't heard him in a while
And you know how come? His little !@$)got in the corner dialing 911

Snatched the phone get a grip thug you supposed to be tough
What you telling the cop huh? I'm taking your money and drugs
In the underworld we take care of beef ourself

And another thing yo we police ourself
Either you follow the codes or you sell cocaine
This life will swallow your self so get outta game

Go to church every Sunday and prey hard
Drug dealer (haha) don't quit your day job

Who got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!?
We got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!

^!$$% who else
Pop guns and rap jewels

Mean while
Burning in hell child
We the center of attention

Show me love for my ^!$$% blazing
My ^!$$%s is made men
Gangsters %#@! get !@%!e and sugar boes

Got hoes for every home
And never $#&@ they own
Even though the Fed's got a sweating grip in the chrome

Commuter case is closed they tapping' the telephone
Dialing' a 213 zone now
Got ?? slap a (*##$ up and send her down

Felling me, I wanna put this hustle behind me
But every time I look away he's hitting me blindly
I'm looking for the light baby
And here it is
As soon as the ^!$$% smiling

Darker the night gets
That's why we Gangster and you players
Take 2 to the heart Inc.
World most murderous

Who got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!?
We got the Gangsta Gangsta %#@!

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