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DJ CLUE : Dogs At (featuring Jay-z) lyrics

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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Dogs At (featuring Jay-z)"

(jay-z)-here we ridein the , yah yah its like that no one one cares cmon here
we go...

(clue)why do i give a danm when the streets rollin back now why do you give a
damn when i aint gonnt stuck.such along time for ya people the thugz o say here
we are now what kind of people wouldnt be..where my dogs at?

(jay-z) us the ruffs the cuffs the ones to stuff dont get it messed up when we

(chorus) (repeat x2) (clue) the strrets watchin 3000 street thugs
rollin,(jay-z) now what kind of thug would watch you?(clue) i dont care i just
wanna know...(jay-z/clue) WHERE MY DOGS AT WHERE MY DOGS AT.

(clue) what kind of thug wouldnt care(jay-z)what kind of thug wouldnt
care?(clue)who would care?(jay-z) i dont care but it is .(clue) its time for ya

to not care/(jay-z)thats why my thugz dont roll.(clue) what kind of gangsta
would yo give yo cash.(jay-z) i wouldnt care if you stuck it up ya
a**.(clue)here we go yah yah dont get it twisted where dogs at ya.


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