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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Cream 2001"

(feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon)

[Intro: DJ Clue (Raekwon)]

Word up, word up
New %#@!.. Raekwon.. Ghostface
(Eh-yo, eh-yo, eh-yo..)

CREAM.. 2001
(Who you? Who you?)
Fetch out.. my ^!$$% RZA

(Yea.. yea.. yea..)

That's right..
My ^!$$% Clueminatti $#&@in wit the intro, to murder somebody

We cheque-cash ^!$$%s wit four fingers on 'em
Callin the Lord, "Help me!", that's us
Thrustin through ya hood wit the dust (HOOOOO!)

Lord have mercy, ^!$$%s look thirsty, yo
End the swine, meet the inventor, plus the winter
It's mine, gasoline jump, just spiked gloves, nines

Watch my wave push, one chain faded out
Racin to Spain, half a million dollars in Boyd
Willy Aims, slap bop top of ya glocks, plus black Reebox

Rockin real ^!$$% %#@!, callin me Pops
Golden pro', kitchen designer %#@!
Chinchilla blankets, H. Winston anklets on

Drug dealer banquets, hands out, fire when we spit (Haha)
The position is lit, drop fifty out a blimp
Roast ya ornaments, Super Bowl ring on each finger

Gettin fly, might linger, those of you ride
So let the lye sprinkle yo

[Chorus x2: Raekwon (Ghostface Killah)]
Yo we put together like CREAM
Matter of fact like a Jamaican team

Sprangler stats, hatin like Mitch Green
Off the wall auction that dumb out
(We organize exortions)

Burn ^!$$%s labels down, frostin 'em

[Ghostface Killah]

Eh-yo, how you like two Ac's?
Max in the trunk, lookin real dumb
Eighty-eight paper and our nose is numb

Prayed over Marvin Gaye's grave
He said Ghost, "Pop merked me at an early age
Hit ninety in the back of me days"

There's supreme fingers all on my dick
Loved the way I sung the Cherells
"Mercy, mercy, son", made 'em###

I wrote songs for the people
Verses that'll make Nixon resign
You can do the same thing with rhymes

"I swear Ghost is doobie, just imagine"
Check out what I started
Who's the first to rock 'fros with out a part in it?

Featherhats partin it, Gladys was the baddest, she wore a six
Pretty-ass foot with an arch in it
Big cars, slammin eight-tracks, slammin tracks

King died in sixty-five, Motown cried
Saw a tear drop from Stevie's eyes
Fogged out glasses

The plan was to bring together all the masses

[Chorus x2]

[Break: DJ Clue *during chorus*]
DJ Clue.. Desert Storm

Fetch out.. Rip Right
Loud Records, Steve Rifkin, Epic

Money Mohammed Ali ^!$$%s who keep clean sneakers on

Beef and take ^!$$%s eats, streets brought all my features
Temped to clog bed rallies, imagine only seventeen wildin
Who spent thousand on 'em Ballies?
Now I'm just lampin, just stylin out in Cali
Actin like raw is the mission, mission is to slap 'em

Bang jars, movin in psalms, manipulatin my accountant
Relaxin like.. blacks get jobs
Slangin in bangles y'all, chillin from all angles
Don rock more thank you's, gettin my %#@! washed
Elevator music, Rolex doors with thirty-seven !@^%s

Countin the paper, takin y'all to walls

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: DJ Clue]

DJ Clue.. Desert Storm
The Professional, Pt. 2
Stupid! Fetch out.. Dame Dash
My ^!$$% Jigga, Big Harper
You know how we do things, word up

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