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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Cops & Robbers"

[Lord Tariq & Muggs talking]
Trying to tell you man
I'm going up in there

Trying to dig into ^!$$%s pockets
$#&@ that man

[Lord Tariq]
Either you be real or you be dead
Hey killer, be a killer

That's the rules to this game
In the court of the law
With let ^!$$%s that feel ya

They know cat dealers
But with some new %#@!, like Clue %#@!
We strap for this thriller

You hit the crack house, you pull a mack out
@@#! the mack back, blow his back out
And take the back route

And that's what that's about
Understand? I wan't cans in hand
This %#@! is real, never phony

Don't come short with my mo-ney
I'll only tell you once Tony
"Don't $#&@ me, don't you ever try to $#&@ me"

If so, trust me, you outta luck B
And try to sit high where them drugs be
Filthy rich looking broke

$#&@ a (*##$ I wan't the world thust
Keeping feds of my $$#
I gotta think fast

'Cause black man white town you know this %#@! won't last
We try to bumble like $$#
Stay low, got to hurl that cash

Into the trouble blow past, that's how you do it


We got cops and robbers
^!$$%s and spicks
Flashy cars, ghetto stars

Moving stones and bricks
It ain't over on the streets
We got blocks to get

So heads up, guns @@#!
Don't get rocked to this

[Lord Tariq]
Now if the good die young

Then what the $#&@ that makes me?
And who the $#&@ are you to rape me?
Less then the best, bulletproof love

The thugs holding it down in the decks
And for the frauds I got techs
Heading straight for your chest

Feel me on this
My word is priceless
You can't pawn this

I might diss drop jewels
The way I cop jewels
The way my nine drops flues

The way my mind influes
What's a ^!$$% to do a murder
Type of %#@! you never heard of

>From jimbos to fat burger
On some last long %#@!
I be doing this forever like that ^!$$% Von Zeil

Plus I calm %#@!, I bomb %#@!
I had alot of Brooklyn ^!$$%s
Saying "Yeah them Bronx ^!$$%s they get down"

So hold your heat up, and move fast
You got to keep
Because Clue, Minnesota, Lord Tariq run these streets what

^!$$% peep up, talking to the sidewalk
And there's nothing to comprehend
When my nine talks

[Chorus x2]

I peep the devil screaming BK

'Cause I rock for B.I.G.
Live like pop did, shells couldn't stop the kid
In some rap I pack, used to be in passing for crack
Molka type of lid with a passing for stacks
Dreads call me African Black named after my medicine

Street veteran with one gun
Killed eleven men
It's too crazy, y'all fake tough guys with full gazi's
Blue mercedes, three pounds under the blue avy
Bomb crews my mind power beyond you

Now I push your hair line back
Do what the con do
I warned you, and sworn no talking
Bring the thing out
Got the block surrounded like cops

And shots rang out
Animal instinct, blood type is therobreed
Run with thero heads
Leave you in another burough bed
Respect my hood, like the heats do
Be k to the Bronx

Poor kane, Lord Tariq & Clue

[Chorus x2]

[DJ Clue:]
DJ Clue, Professional


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