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DJ CLUE lyrics : "Bitch Be a Ho"

[Dj Clue:] Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

[Chorus x2]

[R.O.C. (J.D.):]
Now all my ^!$$%s say what(what)

We dont give a $#&@(uh-huh), gotta let a (*##$ be a ho(hoooo)
Now all my ^!$$%s say what
We dont give a $#&@

Gotta let a ^!$$% stack dough(money, money)


All the ^!$$%s $#&@in in between, be the the main man
Never get stuck on the scene without a game plan, understand
I went from pop lock into tops droppin

To one of the reasons why the day parties keep rockin
No stoppin ^!$$%s is like (wa-what?)
And shorty from the south keep $#&@in it up

I'm the glitter and the gliss of this industry
Makin hits, is how ya'll remember me
^!$$%s dream to be like this one here

JD type cat dont dissapear
I'm the J to the E, R to the M
A-I-N-E, got so many

(*##$es I should set up shop
Bettin against me,
Please! my bank dont stop

I come through, bumpin Clue, with a 7-5-0
Screamin, I gots to have it, I love the dough

[Chorus x2]


Nobody wanna $#&@ with the R.O.C.
Young G from the streets
And he's banned from t.v.

Nobody said life was easy
Out on the block
I got shot

And nobody came to see me
Back on my feet
Packed my heat

Got back in the beef
Blazed it up
Are ya mutha$#&@as lookin for me

Raized it up
And now they see I'm makin rap songs
All I ask is my real doggs smash on...

I said yea and ya dont stop
Cuz its a 1-8-7 when ya $#&@ wit R.O.C.!!
I said yea and ya dont quit

I'm comin live from the Bricks wit the gangsta %#@!
All my ^!$$%s on the corner at the end of the block
Infront of the stores, shakin my dick at the lady cop

Shakin my clip
Til the hatas drop
And I'm in a drop-top, bumpin down ya block

And I'm dumpin

[Chorus x2]

I seen a lot of ^!$$%s go down the wrong path

And I learned from they mistakes, how to keep cash
In this world it's snakes,
I dont care,

I dont break,
Pushin Benz, cuz a ^!$$% know how to create
On and on like a jeep go

Any ^!$$% standin in my way of my papers, automatically fonito
Suckin on the end of Rosco pico's
Trained to name

Deleted from the mutha$#&@in game
Ain't no mo shoppin throught the glass
Beggin for $$#

If it ain't 1st class
I let it pass
Ya'll that dont got it talkin all that trash
Tryin to play tough ya'll when ya really (*##$-ass
I'm the cream of the crop

The dream of the top
I'm the one they come and see when they dont want it to stop
I'm the bass,
The snare,
The one that dont care

Rip %#@! the $#&@ up then I'm outta here

[Chorus x2]

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