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Dizzy Wright : World Peace lyrics

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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "World Peace"

[Verse 1]
Ayo, this kid in Australia said he idolized me
If you don't know why then it's time to watch me

A young papi with the confidence of Rocky in a boxing match
Early mornings, practicing my rhymes, 13 rocking a stocking cap
Skinny ^!$$%, I told my reflection I'll never settle

Said if I gain some weight then I would one day try to wrestle
Wanted to play ball and be a UNLV rebel
When I let my talent go to waste when I couldn't keep up my grades

What a shame
Now I'm living out my second dream, grown into some %#@! you've never seen
Now I'm onto better things

It just goes to show when you travel a lot and you be on the road
We all thriving to be comfortable and happy
But in life we go the distance

A major part in life is building the life you wanna live with
I know we lack patience, but you gotta stay consistent
Only you can slow you down, turn your dreams into commitments

Making sense with a sentence, Golden Age and I'm vintage
1990 to now, what we doin', they did it
You could be fooled in a minute

I'm just tryna talk that %#@! until I'm finished
The lost soul that's protected by my religion
I represent World Peace

Lately I've been feeling a certain way

Peace signs in every picture that I take
I represent World Peace
Smoking weed until the feeling goes away

Spreading love until I'm in and out my day
I represent World Peace

[Verse 2]
I'm extremely excited, without it hidin'
^!$$%s see me smilin'

But y'all ^!$$%s don't know the half of it
I'm talking bout a kid that grew up without havin' %#@!
And sorted out a plan, and then turned into a man

Y'all understand the fans, and how fans follow the artist
But what if some man give em something other than trends?
What you recommend, what you steppin' in?

Who you follow, what you represent, ^!$$% what set you in?
Now we all started from the bottom
Started with a problem, before I was ever crawlin'

I was born into my miseries
Came out with my hidden talents, now the rest is history
Riding, but if you ain't providing, that don't mean %#@! to me

You could be the hardest ^!$$% walkin'
But the hardest ^!$$%s working is the bosses
Keep it authentic, cause the image got you confused

Anybody would tell you it's a lose lose
^!$$% do you


[Verse 3]

I just wanna give you something you can keep in mind
Be strong, don't let nothing disturb yo peace of mind
Read between the lines, teaching men to rhyme

You can't change overnight, we all need some time
Homie, don't act like I ain't out here on my ones and twos
Yo fundamentals was rented, and it's a bunch of you

Me, I been the same since my momma was buying lunchables
Grew through some functions, respected cause I'm lovable
Think good thoughts, speak good words

Take good actions, yeah that's what the world deserves
A man in power, that's gon' empower the people first
And Howard College, they listen, came all the way from the dirt

Agree to disagree, judge me cause I'd rather have them legalize
A plant, then feed the people nicotine
Sell the devil's juice, and they gon' support it by any means

On they TV screens, ^!$$% please
I represent World Peace


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