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Dizzy Wright : Verbalizing lyrics

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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "Verbalizing"

I'm Dizzy Wright, man?
It's Hot New Hip-Hop %#@!?

Ayo, I'm Biggie hypnotized mixed with Nas

With the spirit of Bob Marley and a Rastafari god
Y'all ^!$$%s on that wack %#@!, y'all don't even make me nod
Comin' out of Las Vegas, I hope I make it against the odds

Wakin' up on the job, I fell asleep while I was workin'
^!$$%s stuck on jerkin', I'm stuck on what's really workin'
Little Dizzy out here hurtin'

Livin' on my own, seventeen years old
With this studio that I call home (break it down)
18 I'm on that function %#@!, gettin' money %#@!

Where them dreams fold
By 19 I seen I attracted the wrong people
By 20 I'm gettin' blasted, expressing life through this needle

21 I traveled, ripped stages, like the Beatles
Made fans, thinkin' back when we made plans
Started off a dream, growin', but still the same man

What 's the game plan? Originality creates
Criminal casualties, you tryin' to battle with the case
Yo, I'm good? sayin' more and Tater had to formulate it

See what I saw and couldn't orchestrate it
See, when I die, know that I'mma mean more to Vegas
'Cause they gon' do their research and reevaluate my worth?

It's real %#@!?
Yo ? they say life is a game, hope you can play it well
If I ever get unhappy I'mma pull a Dave Chappelle (respect)

Money ain't enough to make it well (not at all)
If I can't face myself?
Keep it 100 runnin' from what you becomin'

Anxious to see what's next because it's always somethin' comin'
Youngin you don't know the half, be happy you have somethin'
^!$$%s want the most, get a little and then they brag on it

Karma strikes, and now ^!$$%s want me to feel bad for 'em
Salty as ever, my feelings all in the situation (right)
You ^!$$%s only give me inspiration (true)

Call it givin' back, I'm sittin' back, emotions more controlled, if
Mad as $#&@, no one to talk to, so I'm just smokin'
Music got me open, maybe I'm too outspoken

But I'm so $#&@in' devoted, it's all a part of my passion
You fabricate your truth, you choose your rappers off they fashion
I'm just tryin' to be the mother$#&@in' package

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