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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "Tellem My Name"

Yeah, mic check
One two, one two
Now what's my mother$#[email protected] name?

D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!

D-I-Z-Z-Y, (tellem my name), That's riiiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, (yo tellem my name), That's riiiight!

D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, (tellem my name), That's riiiight!
D-I-Z-Z-Y, Wriiight!

D-I-Z-Z-Y, That's riiiight!

[Verse 1:]

Yo guess who's in your Dre Beats walking down these Veg streets
Mister D I double Z Y (Y)
If you mother$#[email protected] hate me can relate to nothing that I be singing it's a chance that you should've been alive (live)

I'm moving I don't need a whip
Rappin on my four agreements %#@!
Givin knowledge you can keep the tip

He treat change like its loose change
It hit the ground he leave it there cuz he don't won't to look lame (what a shame)
I don't ego trip I keep it a hundred

^!$$%s rather be hooked on phonics than graduate, that %#@! aggravates
^!$$% give your momma a happy day
Don't throw your life away to sit at home and [email protected](# (weirdo)

Hmm the true speaker, cooler then your new sneakers, the real thinker bet my crew deeper
I got these visionary plans, thorough ^!$$% silent like a military man
Then I'm feeling like the man

What's my name?


[Verse 2:]
Uh, if i ain't the hottest in the game

Then who's life I gotta take? (take)
He trapped in a phone booth, with a rifle to his face
I'm sick of the lies so I write down a license plate

Pull up to the crib with a CD, just to break it in his face
What you mean I ain't taking over
I seen the war sometimes decline, but %#@! we made it over

This new history
Give what they give to me
Independent is the new industry

You better get with it ^!$$%
Now I got this %#@! that ain't replacing
Platinum kush got a ^!$$% look half asian, call these the chinky eyes

Tatted artist are them, so mothe$#[email protected] gravity fly
Sweetiepie you can get this dick if you just need a guide
Deceiving has a reason amount

Every season giving you strength for you to believe in yourself
Wealth a common topic you can keep to yourself
But they can't I created a lane for a little change

What's my name?


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