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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "No Writers Block, I Like To Rap"

.. tell me what that craze em
Mama had no .. this rap game raise em,
I can't .. I told my grandma I can help em

But I can't save em
%#@!, the damage is done
23 ^!$$% my brother believe that Santa will come

Even though knowing daddy working hard, we just answer the phone
Keep them spirits high, similes,
Burn the game into memorize plate,

Hold on, yo yo, .. the man, I ain't talking for nothing,
Right I'm changed brothe I used to be lost in the bullets
When you want it, you will work until this hundreds pass

Spend all your time but the base ^!$$% couple on that $$#
You want that corporation money, ah
Be absolutely happy where everything that's bringing your happiness

As an activist I keep telling ^!$$% how we .. the label
What you wanna receive you have to
I told em I'll be here for the longest,

Tooking back only, zoning off even not complain about the moment
Free man spoken, written like a 99's man for it
You didn't notice, Lord didn't live you gotta keep a chat

Survival is not a choice is just keep respect
I plan to see the .. and let my team know we the best
We need to see the flash, I aint even sleeping yet

That's why I'm the people's threat
.. made a crown and then they put it on me
Not a hood on me, 'cause I ain't thuggin' with a hoodie on me

^!$$%s want war, name one, hoodie goodie on me,
So annoying to be in peace I gotta keep a peace
23 with a daughter goin on 3

I think like in 18 years, who will she be?
Since day 1 I been official
But if .. use my voice and .. my baby girl

This ain't official fixing in shoes I seen what's working on ..
Bring out my old soul that ain't a Dizzy ..
He was blowing on a trippy I got blowing on this sticky

Too bad I won't be there to see they miss me
I got a lot of love in my heart I can't enter in both
The truth is one and one and tryin' different approach

Sick to the nose, like a (*##$ is pride and trickin' the most
Who's seen here in colors for ..and then we're living with ..
You see I started from the bottom

mama never home moved into a shelter on my new
I never see a college, fast money .. got me stopped
Raised in Vegas but a mission can ^!$$% one times keep the hearts

I stick to the knowledge I grew up to receive
If you ain't got a purpose to bring then you're gonna hurt me in league
Walk in nature, I'm coming at you, from every different angle

But when I look in the mirror I see a different person in me
Hey who that poorwith yourself,
hatin on the man I desire a little more for yourself

Ah of course, you ain't bored of yourself?
Ain't moving forward but you're forcing yourself
and I ain't tryin to be real, chill

The pain I'm living, I'd rather not make the same decision
And stick to my Mary Jane addiction
Now where my light at, if you gotta .. and I'm inside of that

No writer's block, I like to rap ^!$$%

No writer's block, I like to rap ^!$$%

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