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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "Fuck Your Opinion"

Jealousy is misery, suffering is grief
Suffer through the weak but still in touch with what I see

$#[email protected] it up on these beats
But you'd never notice I've been hiding what I'm holding to the potent that is tree
Me, myself and I

Might not meet your standards, but I swear to God I try
Use the Lord in vein to get my point across, why?
I hate it, but I do it, like it'll be aight

Got damn I need change, then I just smile
Why? Cause it ain't finna change nothing I'm around
Still gotta ride

Still gotta be down, load up and make it happen if %#@! ever gets wild
Surrounded by a crowd that you with it call friends
But these the same ^!$$%s that help you become a man

Poor child and war child hopping out this van
Police tried to get us, so we ran
$#[email protected] going to jail, I got bills to pay

My everyday life make me feel this way
But can you blame me? Hang me up and frame me
Tried to keep smiling, but the smiles be shady

Being fake make me angry and change my flaws
Punished for the bad, rewarded for the good, man, we trained like dogs
Can't see it, it ain't even

No freedom when they ain't leavin'
Pray for us, we all need it

Lately my praying getting stronger
But honestly they ain't never been a problem

I'm tryna find my connection with God
That's why I've been hiding behind this [email protected][email protected]&&
Stressing, living, such a blessing if you listen

They wanna judge to my connection different so I made a decision
Made me feel weird cause I don't get it to the ^!$$%s and the (*##$es
And I just wanna say $#[email protected] your opinion

^!$$%, $#[email protected] your opinion

I'm blinded by successful thoughts
Every time I come out, they got they tongue out
Man, I swear that I'm dealing with a stressful loss

We ain't hung out since he got strung out
And still I stand
This weed take a real big effect on how chill I am

Still alive, but it killed my friend
I'm tryna show you my hurt, I'm not tryna show you how real I am
No one hear me, cause it's all talk

Self made, I ain't never finna fall off
We, actually talk, ya all thoughts
Who would have thought

That little ^!$$% from the ballpark would make a change in the world
$#[email protected] up, but it came with a girl
That helped me bring zay in this world

Damn, I ain't comfortable in my own skin
But then again, you gotta be brave in this world so my mind won
I ain't lyin', I ain't rhymin' for the shine, mama

Have faith, find God, don't find drama
Ah, here he go again
This %#@! is so easy to lose your way in the city of sin

Yeah, surrounded by hoes and pimps
Immune to it, a two-word is no and if
Jehova kid, but she gotta make a living

Bad decisions, good intentions
On a mission, nothing ever handed
So she already made plans to ask God for forgiveness

Judging by the moment, but you blinded by the hidden
I've been smoking like a got damn hippie
Damn, but %#@! at least I'm doing my best

I've been grinding since I moved to the west
I've been reading more, styles from either or
I am great, you can see it at my shows, you'd bee truly impressed

I do me the best
And ^!$$% this is a lesson through the herb
Growing up I'm learning to be impeccable with my words

Stressing over nothing, but my heart keep me concerned
Thanking God for every blessing that I earned
Dizzy Wright, ^!$$%


And I ain't no mutha$#[email protected]' weed rapper, ^!$$%
Expand your mind
$#[email protected] your opinion

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