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Dizzy Wright : Fashion Ft. Kid Ink & Honey Cocaine lyrics

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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "Fashion Ft. Kid Ink & Honey Cocaine"

Yeah yeah, I'm fresh as $#&@ if you ask me,
I got the homies with me...

[Hook x2]
Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dat,

Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dats fashion x3
And I'm fresh as $#&@ if you ask me
All gold when I'm flashy

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Yo, Jeremy Scotts or these thirteens?

With the wings
But I'm fly like Jordan off of that first string (can't decide)
Call me fresh prince, with this flattop, I'mma take you back

Retros with that face to match
Take a risk when I lace the kicks
Cause I walk on the crowd

Call it cloud surfing,
I'm the man out here
Shoe game clean, ^!$$% and my gear

^!$$% ^!$$%
You a fan out here
You're a $#&@ing with a lame

Baby stand right here, yeah
Give it up to a new ^!$$%
Kid ill, he a true spitter

Shoes with ya, she Teyana Taylor bad with a nice round $$#
Trying to see what I'mma do with her, yeah yeah
Let her get it if she back into it

Button up with a snapping clue
Young ^!$$% with a chest full of tats
Get back fore' I kick you with the Patrick Ewing

Can't stop and it won't stop
^!$$% you rap but you won't pop
Its a long shot

Dirty ^!$$% you have no style
Low key, you in the wrong spot
Let the beat drop

Dre beats for the beep-bop
Good weed, I'm on a tree clock
I don't see hate

Make way for the young boys
Getting rich its a good day
Good god, I'm

So fly I don't need help
We making moves, wear your seat belt
%#@! finna get real

For the club
Cause I'm getting hella love
And I'm just getting my feet wet

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Honey Cocaine]
Im fresh as $#&@ if you ask me,
(all gold and im flashy)

Come thru wearing like 6 chains,
Channel %#@! from the 70s,
Your %#@! wack, your %#@! lame,

I'm %#@!ing all on the enemies,
Dem double c's, front %#@!,
Rose gold piece, im a french (*##$

Gold so soft you can bend it,
But this %#@! so heavy, im dented,
Like god, damn, got white gold,

Got goldie gold, got 24 carat thats colby gold
We t-dye kids,
They know we cold,

Like , ugh, %#@!,
You ain't no star, got no time,
You got no bars, you got no rhymes

And you wearing %#@! i wore in 09',
How you feel when you late as $#&@,
Copy my style, gon' scape it up,

I be feeling like a milli when im waking up,
My main (*##$,
I ain't finished, ill shape you up (ugh),
You worry about looking like a 10,
You better worry about keeping it a hunnid,

All those clothes dont really mean %#@!,
Cuz' the weak hoes get no lovin',
Been fresh then a (*##$, since 9th grade,
Show you how to ball, in 9 ways
The north side (*##$es be bad as $#&@,

Coolin' in some j's and ?
Prolly 80k on my $#&@ing necklace,
While the g are the g,
^!$$% show me respect.

Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dat,
Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dats flashy
And I'm fresh as $#&@ if you ask me

All gold and im flashy
(hook x2)

[Verse 3 :Kid Ink]
Fresh as $#&@ i need a lifestyle,
Condom, my lifestyle,

Ain't common, just let me school you like mr.high tower
Higher then a concord,
Pair high top 11s on
^!$$%s know im a fashion killa,
So you better have your weapon drawn,
The best dressed and i bet on it,
100k round my neck, golden

Less friends with more money,
Drivin' round like a crash dummy,
Young city boy and i know it,
Long as i can see the stance,
I got these naked and famous hoes,
Tryna get all in my pants (damn)
Fly up then pan & aim,

Always in beast mode,
But peter said no lamb skin,
Fake furs, no fake sneakers,
Im ballin in Balmain
Dress to kill by the grim reaper
Alumni snap, $#&@ Tisa
You ^!$$%s all dressed in $#&@-season,

I walk thru the sand in these jebron james southbeachers,
I dont give a damn i got two pairs,one without creases,
Wild'n'out for no reason,
Red bottoms on the red carpet,
Fashion for what i headstarted, the run way,
^!$$% dont play

Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dat,
Now ^!$$% dat, now ^!$$% dats flashy
And I'm fresh as $#&@ if you ask me
All gold and im flashy
(hook x2)

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