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Dizzy Wright lyrics : "2013 XXL Freshman Freestyle"

Coming from the west, put the V in front of the L
I couldn't tell that they wanted to see me fail

Went from XXLs to being on XXL
So when they try to clown, they making fun of themselves
This is pro-gression, work ethic, with a cold message

Dedication, annihilating your whole section
Dizzy Wright, I'm Heaven-sent with the Old Testament
Mixing my music with my spiritual connection

Damn, how he do it? 22 when he moving
I heard it was my moment, I'm just here to $#[email protected] prove it
I'm about to lose it, had to 1992 it

Flat top with a passion for lyrics over producing
Obligated, and can you believe he out of Vegas?
And he fly, probably change the appearance of the population

Yeah, this my Inauguration, yeah, I got 'em all debating
I ain't tripping, I'mma just go harder for my daughter
Bottom line is ^!$$%s like me is hard to find

Top 10 freshmen, I better be in the starting 5
Like for the weed for me, I sparking mine
Cause we done did the %#@!

And now all my fans get to witness it
Get money and we flipping it
You ain't a ^!$$% with an attitude

^!$$% you just ignorant
Hang yourself if you ain't feeling this
Cause we dreamed it and believed it

Now I'm positive thinking
Dizzy Wright

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