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DIZZEE RASCAL lyrics : "Suk My Dick"

My hat is low, my trousers too
And people say that I'm too rude

But I don't care cause I'm the %#@!
So you can all just suck my dick
Just suck my

[Verse 1:]
When I was a kid I had a chip up on my shoulder

It ain't getting better even though I'm getting older
People get offended by the way I talk so freely
Pushing up their face and acting funny when they see me

But I'm raggo, damn it, so I say $#&@ it
If you don't like the way I do my thing, then you can suck it
I really don't give a %#@!, I really don't care for your approval

I'm a $#&@ing G, I'll carry on doing my %#@! as usual


You know I mean, man?

I'm just trying to be me, man
I'm just trying to be free, man
Whagwan man, let me be, man

What's the problem?
Ya get me?
I don't apologize for nothing

[Verse 2:]
I try to act right, I try to be polite

But I can't take no %#@!e, you best believe I might
Just punch you in your moosh, I war like Georgy Bush
No need to keep it stush, it's best if you just shush

And stay out of my way cause I don't wanna play
Sorry, what did you say? Alright whatever, mate
I don't give a %#@! who likes it, I don't give a %#@! who don't

Don't tell me to change my $#&@ing attitude because I won't


[Verse 3:]
Bingo, I got the lingo

Come through your window
Starr like Ringo
Beef, chat bout?

I'm involved
Keep near danger like Penfold
Dylan, Lincoln estate, man

Yeah I'm straight, man
Everything's great, man
Talk low it, can't shake, man

Why bother, wait, man
Come and take man, waisman
Come and get me

Killers respect me
You can't sweat me
I'm the One like Jet Li

So come check me
Who wanna wet me?
$#&@ that! Suck someone

On a dumb one
I'll touch someone
Try and test Raskit, what a bumbum

Rudeboy, I don't care about no one


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