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DIZZEE RASCAL lyrics : "I Luv U (Bass Boost)"

I luv u
III...I..I..I luv u

I luv I luv I luv u
III...I..I..I luv u
III...I..I..I luv u

I luv I I I I luv u
I I I I I luv u

III...I..I..I luv u
II luv u I luv u

I I llluv u u u
I luv...luv luv luv u u u

[Dizzee Rascal:]
Yo - if that girl knows where you stay thats poor
some !@^% banging on your door what for

pregnant? what're you talking about this for
fifteen, she's underage that's raw
and against law - 5 years or more

and she wants to score in a half-hour drawer
some kind of friend that you try and ignore
that !@^% got you pinned down to the floor

but its your own fault you said three magic words (I love you)
when thats the one for the birds
when you said that she forgot other boys

its over you better start buying the toys
there was no intention of her being wife
that she knows this she's ending your life

its a real shame you got hacked by the !@^%s
its a shame that kid probably aint yours


[Dizzee Rascal:]

That girl's some (*##$ ya know
she keep calling my phone
she dont leave me alone

she just moan and groan
she just keep ringin me at home
these days I dont answer my phone

That boy' some prick you kna'

all up in my hair
thinks that I care
keeps following me here

keeps following me there
these days I can't go no where

Ain't that your girl?

Nah it aint my girl
I swear that's your girl

Course it aint my girl

She got juiced up
Oh well

She got chatted up

Oh well!
I swear that's your man

I aint got no man
You was with that man

He was just ANY man

He got hotted up
Oh well
He got whacked up

Oh well!

[Dizzee Rascal:]
alright, she's a bad girl I'ma buss doe

captain rusco' with a crossbow
she came she got picked off yo
nah its not a love ting, get lost hoe
dizzee rascal come down like snow
with freezing cold flows like moscow

dumb hoe, get me upset, guns blow
(*##$ no, you're not ready for skid row
leap low dizzy rascal dig low
big feet for the force with my big toe
I got no chaps, no chains, not much dough

get juiced but you dont get love though
dont slap or you might get a ho-hoe
jambo coming through like rambo
love ting takes two like tango
but she aint my wifey, she can go


[Dizzee Rascal:]
listen, I like your girl so you better look after your girl
or I might just take your girl
and make your girl my girl
switch your girl with michelle

switch michelle with chantelle
play chantelle with shennele
lyrical clientelle but I ain't a bow cat, I dont like the smell
im gonna go through a shell and make a boy feel unwell

that girl's from school, that girl's from college
that girl gives brains, that girl gives knowledge

that girl gives head, that girl gives shines
that girl gives BJs at all times
she looks decent, she looks fine
but dont talk about wifey she's not mine
she got batches, 6 in a line, believe me thats not a good sign


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