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DIZZEE RASCAL lyrics : "Hardback (Industry)"

Hard back, stern face
Play your position and know your place

Only move when the money's calling
Take my advice, you'll be balling
You need a hard back, stern face

Play your position and know your place
Only move when the money's calling
Take my advice, you'll be balling

[Verse 1:]
First up it's important that you keep your %#@! original

Try and keep that copycat %#@! to a minimal
People want something that they never heard before
If it's been done, leave it, they don't wanna hear no more

Secondly here's another clever thing that you can do
Find yourself a good manager who's really got a clue
Cause there're so many to choose from, they all look the part

But it's difficult to come across the ones that's really smart
And can stand firm and steady when the label's talking %#@!
Well-respected, keeps it gangsta, but does everything legit

And dependable, you can trust to handle your biz
And can really make sure of what the situation is
Next up, find a record label that ain't full of pricks

One that lets you breathe artistically but makes you come with hits
Congratulations, now you got your a deal, you're set to go
Let me fill you in just a couple of things you need to know

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Next up, change your number, change your phone and change your chip
Cause there's gonna be a lot of people ringing talking %#@!

Whether bredrens wanting money, cause now suddenly you're rich
Or some dumb hating fassies trying to take you for a (*##$
Yeah I know it's minor now and you can handle it, it's nothing

But eventually you're really gonna wanna do something
And that's counter-productive, beefin over bull%#@!
You can never stop them dumb-bredrens tryin to pull %#@!

Plus you're in the limelight well-paid verbalist
Which leads me on to my next subject - journalists
These are the people that can put your name about

So be careful what you're saying when you're talking out your mouth
Aand avoid being ignorant, tone down the thug %#@!
Come to interviews buzzin, tone down the drug %#@!

Keep your eye on the ball, mind on the drop
And before you know you had the whole world on your knob

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]

Here's something that I should've stressed early on
Don't go spending all your money till it's gone
Cause the tax man's gonna want his paper when it's due

And there's nobody above the tax man, especially you
And another thing, buy a house before you buy a car
Don't tell no one where you are, even better if you're far

Everybody knows you're a gangsta and that Porsche looks great
But do you really want it sitting on that council estate
Differently watch where you choose to socialize

Keep an eye out for trouble, watch for devils in disguise
And please don't be fooled by no pretty females
Play it safe, never let them know your full details

I ain't saying be para', I'm just saying be sure
You can never know if that (*##$ would brag you what she saw
And aside from makin money keep lovin what you do

I aint saying nothin what cause the rest is up to you

[Hook x2]

Yeah, you done know
Just a little guideline there for all my real man dem from the roads

trying to get into this music ting, yeah
Big shout out to my bredrin DJ Semtex
Hang tight Cage

Big-up the Newham Generals, yeah
We do it liveo
Hang tight UGK
It's a London thing
International, worldwide, you don't care, you done know

UK, Dirtee Stank is the label
Run through this industry

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