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DIZZEE RASCAL lyrics : "Goin Crazy ft. Robbie Williams"

[Pre-hook: Robbie Williams]
Every single morning
Wake up in the afternoon

Cover up the mirror
Just to get a better view
Been around the world and never even left the room

And I, I can't figure out
Why? So I just scream and shout

[Hook: Robbie Williams]
I believe, I believe, I believe
I believe I'm going crazy

Going crazy, Going crazy
I believe I'm losing my mind

[Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal]
Everybody's looking at me, but I don't see them
Living for the weekend, caught in the deep end

Tryin'a tread water, do it for my unborn daughter
Lamb to the slaughter, life's getting shorter
Tryin'a get high off a quarter

I'm fly in a saucer, my life is a corker
Star, pop bottles, date top models
Middle finger in the air, not a care, going full throttle

Where's the love though?
Nobody cares about that, where's the club? Where's the drugs though? Front row
Follow the flow, Megaupload

Feel the adrenaline rush, who's the mug though? I don't know

[Pre-hook 2: Robbie Williams]

I can't figure out

So I just scream and shout?

[Hook: Robbie Williams]

[Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal]
Living in a bubble, my life is a puzzle

I'm caught in the rubble, now pass me a shovel
Now pass me a shot, and make it a double
I'm a whole lot of trouble and I don't do subtle

It's all or nothing, I don't wanna juggle
No crabs in a bucket, I don't wanna huddle
I've got my own name, tryn'a figure out the whole game

Going insane, 150 in the slow lane
Getting ahead of myself
My God, already thinking how can I better myself

Should I be somebody else? Should I be pacing myself?
My car's a rocket, and if I get too carried away, I wouldn't know when to stop it

[Pre-hook 2: Robbie Williams]

[Hook: Robbie Williams]

[Outro: Robbie Williams]
Tryin'a get a hold of

Tryin'a get a hold of you
Tryin'a get control of
Tryin'a get control of me

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