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DISCIPLE : Purpose To Melody lyrics

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DISCIPLE lyrics : "Purpose To Melody"

I remember days gone by and what it was first like
To never think that it could end
Don't know what we were thinking

And I reflect upon that night
When we would breathe for the first time
To see the hands raised high to the One we'd give our lives

To this day, I wouldn't change a single thing
Except mistakes that separate

To feel again the reason in
What we give the part the role in which we live

I feel like something busting
Breaking out of its own skin
I feel this child escaping outside of the heart of an old man

I feel like something ripping and tearing off this callous
Revealing me
I never want it to end

This old feeling we're feeling again

Through seasons of it all, there were deserts that would fall

And there were peaks that we would climb
But in the valley's where we shined
We couldn't dream a better dream

The almighty call our name and do something with nothing
And I give purpose to this melody

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