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Dirty Heads : bet your bits lyrics

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Dirty Heads lyrics : "bet your bits"

i make the microphone
i make the microphone
i make the microphone melt like dicks in to many [email protected]$%s

and yo im flippin the track im bringin it back
if how many fits and your best to bet your bits cuz your gamblin your wits
up on the microphone it spits and keep it runnin like the %#@!s

i gotta one has no snake that spits upon tits
need a beat for god sake so i can spit some penmenship
like a microphone checker

lyrical rhyme wrecker
you drink and get $#&@ed up
till your layin on the decka

so check my new addition
take a look and listen
stuck in your head till your bobbin your head pissin

straight statin debatin a figmitation relatin blatin invitation
of my conversation that your rapin
all you across the nation waitin for my sensation

lots of across the nation

you dont have to run off make a fool of yourself

why you want to comfort test me
you dont have to run off make a fool of yourself
why the hell would you even try

cuz it a lyrical masterpiece
when im spittin what i written

if your standin iof your sittin
must be quittin
and if your wishin new addition

my lyrics you be missin
skills that i possess

i keep above the rest
me smoke some canibas
so feel the happiness thats

commin out of this
microphone that i holda
i rise to solder

dirty b dont know ya
and i fdont $#&@ care
so put your hands in the air and scream

GEt the $#&@ outta here
cuz the micophone is nothing but a testament holder
a testament is control but the microphone beholder

and as im getting older im quickly growing wiser
decifering the days of the veracose survivor
stay true to the mic true to myself

do it for the love of music not for the wealth


well im not gonna waste my time
just a rymin off the head

but now were a permanate one just like said
i got the beastie boys be buppin through my head
like no sleep till broklyn

when you put in what your lookin
your wine to be sweet your wine to be sweet
when we movin up your feet

said me one to be nice one to be nice
its me and dirty b up on the microphone of ice

they call me dirty b and im the one two shaker
i makin all my moves with the sound from jamamca
no mistaka true nose breaka master of the auto

i beat ya up take a %#@! wipe my $$# to your face
one time a smoothe operator my translater rhyme cultivator
a full time fader first time purswader best mc either side of the equator

(*##$ i know you dont wanna $#&@ with me
oh i know you dont wanna $#&@ with me

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