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DIO : God Hates Heavy Metal lyrics

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DIO lyrics : "God Hates Heavy Metal"

[Japanese CD only]

One more nightmare

No place like home
You see a picture of angels
I see a nail in the wall

Make him over
No time to lose

And if you've heard this one before
Don't stop me

Don't stop me

We learn slowly

Evil's in the holy
God hates heavy metal

So I know he must hate me


Must be my name
Why are you running to nowhere
Why do you listen to noise

So if you've heard this all before
Please stop me

Please stop me

Live don't preach it

If you can't don't teach it
God loves heavy metal

So I know he must want me

We learn slowly

Mind control is holy
Stir don't shake it
Move too fast you'll break it up

God is heavy metal
So I know he must need me

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