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DILATED PEOPLES : The Shape of Things to Come lyrics

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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "The Shape of Things to Come"

(feat. Aceyalone)

"Ay yes y'all"

The only thing constant is change

with that....its the shape of things to come

Yo I'm the open-est emotions

I'm a river in straight
A crystal clean lake
Yo the essence of skin

The form of a luminescent bright light flourescent
[Aceyalone]You got light?

Don't wait 'till it's dark to ask questions
I been sparking in sections
And blessing mics with my prescence

Since many were pre-pubescent
Puberty adolescent
Perhaps you need a lesson in

Addressing with respect an'
Too many feel inadequate without their little weapon

It's like I got the whole world against me
Need to get intensely

A head full of headaches
And a hand full of sissies
Them so flimsy so why there one MC

There wasn't one before hasn't one since me
A gangster of love
I come from up above

I give the mic a tug
I give the world a hug
I give skies a kiss

I give suckers a kiss
Some people like my old styles better than this but

Yo I'm Spacey like Kevin
And some do knowledge of seven

Praise Jesus and Jah Buddah Allah or just Heaven


Yeah and some like it moderate
Some like a lot of it
Whichevery way I go we got something

To get you move up out of it


Some will be statistics
Some will be reverends
Dimes become pennies like dimes become eleven

To some we kind of thought of it

As teaching the dumb
Ace-One and Dilated
The shape of things to come

I catch rec and

Tangle in circles with squares
Triangles to test if indeed you're prepared
This is the shape of things to come

This is the shape of things to come

[Chorus: Evidence]

I wax 'em I tax 'em

Here's Iriscience - ask him
From Arkansas to Aspen
The futuristic jazzmen

I'm telepathic
Moving through hella traffic

I know my demographics
See how this was crafted and drafted

There's precision in the incision
I'm not christian or
Catholic or any other religion
I'm just man
With a steel in his hand

I shoot the gift from blessed to spark where it land

And it landed in the sand
Where the pyramids blaze

And this is how the dictionary defines such a place
A polyhedron with a polygonal base
Median and common vertex
Triangular face
Who came in the home and

Ripped the cats stole
Stripped the limestone
To line they fine home
I cram to understand
Their dirty deeds in song
While we bringing you the shape of things to come

[Chorus: Aceyalone]

[Chorus: Evidence]

Aiyyo I center punch punchlines

Shine when it's crunchtime
I back to beatbox, rap battles at lunchtime
I sketch a piece and fill it in with design
Ooh no, Aceyalone
Raw bright like sunshine
Platform squad standing on the brink
Yo I touch the world

Got three but two blink
Rakaa aka Iriscience lenscrafters
And blend with hash the self defense master

Yeah its too bad we control fire, wind
I know that you bad you batted a thousands

I remember who's the baddest with the apparatus tell me again
Take ahold of your heart without penetrating the skin
See I didn't invent it I just perfected it
I never intended to really connect with it
But once I got in it I redirected it
Now I change the world and get respect with it and a check with it
It ain't nothin' new under the sun

Fool I ain't afraid of the size of your gun
The flesh is weak plus they speak foul tongue
Take the breath from their lungs as they swung
And they hung and they sunk

[Chorus: Iriscience, Aceyalone and Evidence]

[Babu scratches "Ay yes y'all"]

Y'all ready to bounce for us?
It's that %#@!
It's that LA %#@!

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