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DILATED PEOPLES : The Main Event lyrics

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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "The Main Event"

[Evidence (Defari)]
Uh-hum (Ah yeah)
(Killin ^!$$%s, what)

Dilated, we rock, c'mon

[Erick Sermon] "Hurry hurry and step right up"

"Hurry hurry and step right up"
"And I'ma tear %#@! up" [Rakim]
[Defari] The greatest show on earth...

You better step up, you lookin kinda lost

Claimin two ghetto streets that don't even cross
If you didn't know, I'm a true arti-st
Who drops gems like on the run from police

Alias Evidence, intensified when live
I understand pace, I understand strive
The only thing worse than lose your title, have it stolen

I treat beats like video games that I'm controllin
My knots get blown at vinyl spots
Wise investment, create tracks that triple my stacks

Most kids got wack songs but hi-tech videos (Fresh!)
They know that ain't right, that's why the screens turn left
Flow goes backward please, Evidence here to seize

All $$#ets, bout to bounce from BMI to ASCAP
And ask them cats if them checks ain't paid
$#&@ the rain, Evidence I spray Raid on your parade

"Hurry hurry and step right up"

"And I'ma tear %#@! up"
"Hurry hurry and step right up"
The greatest show on earth is Evidence

"Hurry hurry and step right up"
"And I'ma tear %#@! up"
"Hurry hurry and step right up"

The greatest show on earth is Evidence


Ev's solution will mold to different forms
I be a double-edged sword, I be thorns
Or I transform to horns on the cattlefield

I'm always open like Norm's, equipped wit battle skills
Two times I mold to the shape of a pentagon
Dilated times five is ill, ring the intercom

Evidence or Iristyle, got your file, run
Global detonation is my shape of drums
Under the sun nothin changes

Dedicated beats and lyric pages
Dilated Peoples, all ages
Suckas dressin flashy, thinkin then can you defeat us

Nah, take em out, wash your Nike wit Adidas
"Hurry hurry and step right up"
We got Defari in the house "No doubt" [KRS-One]

My mind is like an icon, focusin on shows that I've wrecked
My fast shudder speeds will freeze the movin objects

[Chorus: change last line to "Pull up a chair" "Word up"]

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