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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "Poisonous"

(feat. Devin The Dude)

Man, yo this comin' from you...

You're like, what's ya name ma

Should've run from her
The girl's (Poisonous!)
You made a bad move

She's from a bad crew
They're all (Poisonous!)

[Chorus x2: Devin the Dude]
She ain't the one to trust
She'll treat your heart like Toys R Us

She's dangerous to touch
Stay away she's poisonous (Poisonous!)

[Verse 1: Evidence]
Some chick in the club you can't trust
Front like they fans only out for your buck

Front like they don't have a man and such
You start holdin' hands, that's when the van pulls up
It's tight situations like this

You know the risk, roll the dice, hit or miss
She feelin me? Well, she got different motives
A candy shell to cover up the poison

I don't have to pretend
You know the type to $#&@ around with a mans best friend
You know the type out to do you wrong cuz you don't spend

Enough time or enough bread (Poisonous!)
It's the chicks that I let on the bus
I took one in the back, the other stole my stuff (damn)

It's the season of the vict', that night I got picked
I'm telling you now, they're dangerous to touch (Poisonous!)


[Bridge: Devin the Dude]

She's poisonous, can cause serious harm
Just one touch, play with your heart
Like she was in Toys R Us, ignore your trust

She's poisonous (Poisonous!)

[Verse 2: Iriscience]

You thinkin' its love but that's lust
You feelin' like she's a drug with that touch
She breaks hearts cuz her heart got crushed

And loves cash, but she loves credit cards as much
She like the creole, for real, maybe Puerto Rico
No self-esteem, but fronts the biggest ego

Never knew her father, her mother used to drink though
Her step-father had a peep show through every keyhole
Sweet and wholesome, he stole her innocence

Now he's up in foursome, and she's the venomous
Hates men, and dates them to rape them
For payback, to pay bills she breaks them

Catch her at the bar, Vanilla !@&@e and stoleys
Now she throwin' bait, reelin' them in slowly
She wants celebrities, cuz she can hustle that

A cat from the Mavs of the Cav's double back
They threw a couple back, they had a couple laughs
He was in trouble when he offered her a bubble bath

He didn't strap up, she 'bout to make him splash
Plan B was the get the hat up out the trash
And get the turkey baster, she's thinking tall paper

She cracked a smile when he told her that he'd call her later
She's gonna hit the lotto, she wants them all to pay her
Especially all them entertainers and ballplayers


[scratch to fade: Poisonous!]

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