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DILATED PEOPLES : Phil Da Agony Interlude lyrics

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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "Phil Da Agony Interlude"

(feat. Phil Da Agony)

Told y'all... down with Dilated....


Phil Da Agony break your crew

Any problems?

Yeah, yeah,

Bones full of agony
Skin full of melanin

Go ahead, tell a friend
We back at it again
Randomly I aim to cap

A wack rappin head off
Decapitate a rappin head off
You're better off...

Sucked off twice in the same night

You know my style right?
You know my large appetite
Brand new, keep it spank

Keep a bag of dank
Keep it top rank
Keep all my money in the bank

Money market Mutual funds
Investments for my son

Expanding the team and gettin it done

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(*##$ don't act shocked when you hear it

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