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DILATED PEOPLES : Panic lyrics

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DILATED PEOPLES lyrics : "Panic"

The difference between a hero and a coward? There
is no difference. One time or another everyone's felt

fear. It's what one person does that the other person
doesn't do that makes him a hero. But I'm about to
step the $#&@ up.

[Evidence w/ Iriscience]
Yo panic y'all. Back against the wall feel the pressure

No way out. Situation getting closer
Time is ticking, walls are closin
Options narrow now, your the one who's chosen

Panic, adrenaline rush. Master mechanic
Play your position, blow wigs back with cannons
Colors of rythym. No options left to chose from

Cooperation can @@#! thoughts that's grouseme
Like, glock for murder with three strikes in Houston
Or foreign countries that chop fingers for boosting

Main objective-don't become an example
Either run or get ran. Stampede or get trampled
I spit hard and respect my guard

Got vision like x-ray, that's how I read your card
Yo we got the upper hand and still play by the book
The truth? It's always the last place you look.

That's right here


Uh-oh. You feel that? That's the croud staring
That's the spotlights that shine that damn near blind
Sing a swim-time kid. What's your first line?

[Evidence w/ Iriscience]
I spit hardcore. Menace to flows

Time to panic for crews who don't rehearse for shows
'Cause yo this year it's time to reclaim game
Used to sit up in the shadows and rebel against fame

Until my peep worded me up. Might have the mightest touch
And the only way to find out is to blow the $#&@ up
I listened, put that thought under my wing and in my brainstem

Now I think ink can bleed through paint pens
Or spray cans. Dodging trains it's the panic zone
East L.A to the beach. Welcome to the terror dome

When the feelings gone, here comes artillery
To penetrate my zone takes a mind of a military

Blown off exotic trees from Yosemite
California's cannibus chance dodging felonies
Melt my trees with heat. Guns the remedy

Do what I do? You might panic and call emergency


Set your own standards. Not everybody can do what we do
We can't do what everybody else does. Alot of people get
comfortable playing follow the leader. But if you want to

see change you need to be the leader to follow. Let's make it happen


Panic. Abondoned ship, iceberg titanic.
Time to steal fans from other groups they take for granted
The way we came up nothing was handed

So when we drop the mic its hot. Pick it up, you might get branded
Might not like your plane the way we land it
But get the job done and then some. So panic

And it ain't the last. Coming from the fast
High-tech %#@! so feel the blast
Catch the wordplay, hype sends the survey

Instead of stripclub chop meats Monday through Thursday
Friday through Sunday. Blown off the runway
Ev the Weatherman use words instead of gunplay

Perfect caintance, can't catch on radar
Speak the truth yo don't run with traitors
Equator hot. The artic cold

Everything between turns to green and gets sold

"I remember when we used to have four seasons. Now it's just like

one. One season all year long man. Let's take care of this place"

[DJ Babu Scratching]
"Push the panic button %#@! it's"

"I can kill it from the West Coast to the Atlantic."
"Evidence. Oh. Evidence. Yeah"
"Worldwide respected, so give me mines or meet your deathwish"

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